San Diego Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Mark Aalam Of Injury Law Group Defends Injured Riders

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Injury Law Group, a San Diego injury law firm, announced that its Injured Rider Program has been a success and well-received in the county. The Injured Rider Program, which was started one year ago today, provides Pro Bono attorney representation to injured motorcyclists for the property damage claim.

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At first it was unclear how the Injured Rider Program would be accepted in the San Diego motorcycle community. It was not known how the community at large would receive the Pro Bono program. A poll of San Diego residents showed that many county residents considered lawyers who charged a fee to be better lawyers than those who do Pro Bono work. Despite that the Pro Bono label could be viewed as weakness, the firm decided to launch the Injured Rider Program because the managing attorney of the law firm, himself a rider, has developed a strong passion for helping injured motorcyclists.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Mark Aalam realized that “many riders don’t get legal help for a minor, non-injury accident because they don’t have the money to hire a lawyer. We started the Injured Rider Program to help just such riders. We are riders helping riders.  If a motorcyclist has been in an accident, however minor, we’ll handle their property damage claim as a courtesy, Pro Bono.”

News of the Injured Rider Program has spread like a wildfire through the city and county, and the firm has been thrilled to announce that the program has been so well-received.  For Mark, the motorcycle accident lawyer at the firm, it has been gratifying knowing that injured riders who don’t have money to hire an attorney have a place to turn for help. The firm has successfully helped many riders get their bike fixed or replaced and they’ve done it free of charge.

Injury Law Group is a personal injury law firm in San Diego, California defending motorcycle riders.

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