STRATIM Unveils the First End-to-End Fleet Management Platform for Urban Fleets and Autonomous Vehicles

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — STRATIM, the intelligent mobility and fleet infrastructure company, today came out of stealth to launch the transportation industry’s first comprehensive platform designed specifically for highly distributed urban fleets, including on-demand car sharing and riding services, urban commute providers and autonomous vehicles. Under development since early 2016, STRATIM Platform has undergone robust trials and field testing, and is already powering 50 new mobility services in North America from companies including GM and Toyota. Today STRATIM is processing transactions and services for thousands of ecosystem vendors and has tracked more than one million vehicles through its platform.

Founded by a team of technology innovators from Google, eBay and Trulia with decades of experience building platform and infrastructure technology, STRATIM is the only solution for the transportation industry that allows fleet owners to manage all their 1st and 3rd party vendors through a single interface. It provides a simple, centralized way to provision, schedule and transact maintenance services from fueling up, tuning up and repairing to washing and detailing fleets of cars.

“STRATIM’s mission is to enable the future of mobility by building easy-to-use technology that enables high-performing fleets at scale and removes the operational complexity for our customers,” said Sean Behr, co-founder and CEO of STRATIM. “While other vendors offer segmented software or service solutions, STRATIM Platform provides a holistic suite of software and services through a single interface that unchains our customers’ resources so they can focus on growing their business, not running it.”

The automotive industry is experiencing a major transformation and is expected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2030, up from $30 billion today1. Market forces and technological advances are redefining how vehicles are owned, used and managed. In metropolitan centers across North America, buying a car is increasingly transitioning to using a car, as owning a vehicle is no longer the most convenient or cost effective way to get from one location to another. Vehicles are being amassed into fleets by corporations that offer consumers the ability to use vehicles for their transportation needs under an as-needed model.

For the future of intelligent fleets to realize their full potential and sustain a viable business model, the management and maintenance of the vehicles must be simple, cost-effective and frictionless. STRATIM has created the software-based infrastructure that modernizes operations, unifies systems, optimizes logistics and enables transportation companies to deliver better, more modern mobility experiences.

“Maven’s customers expect our cars to be clean, fueled or charged up and ready to go,” said Julia Steyn, Vice President General Motors Urban Mobility and Maven. “STRATIM helps Maven keep our cars in great condition across our biggest markets.”

“Running hundreds of Chariots across multiple markets and serving thousands of customers per day is a huge undertaking. With STRATIM, our Chariots are always in great shape and ready to go every morning,” said Ali Vahabzadeh, CEO, Chariot.

The STRATIM Advantage
STRATIM enables fleet owners to simplify their vendor management while at the same time grow through offerings without extra costs. With STRATIM Platform, fleet owners can now onboard, manage, dispatch and pay all their current vendors through a single hub while expanding their vendor network by discovering new partners to work with through the STRATIM Marketplace.

STRATIM Platform
STRATIM Platform enables fleet owners and vendors to centrally manage all aspects of their business with a modern interface that tracks, routes, analyzes and controls their assets, whether those are fleets, a workforce or both. STRATIM uses computer-driven workflows to remove human errors, and optimize transportation logistics and operations.

Key benefits of STRATIM Platform:

  • Automates repetitive tasks and streamlines complex workflows
  • Optimizes fleet routes and distributes tasks for maximum efficiency
  • Collects the data received from connected operations, and delivers insights on how to further advance fleet operations
  • Provides actionable analytics on vehicle costs, vendor performance and service response times
  • Provides a real-time view of jobs in progress with vendor GPS tracking, photos and feedback from the field
  • Enables custom job flows for each vendor or service type to ensure your vendor network does work to the standards you require
  • Ability to set, control and track SLAs for across your vendors network

STRATIM Marketplace
Underpinning STRATIM Platform is the STRATIM Marketplace, where fleet owners and vendors can connect and transact with each other. It provides one central vantage point for managing what is typically a massive web of relationships.

Through the STRATIM Marketplace, fleet owners can plug in all their pre-existing vendor relationships to centralize operations, increase efficiency and gain valuable transparency. They can also find and contract with new partners to accelerate the growth of their business. Vendors can also subcontract with other vendors in the STRATIM Marketplace to offer more holistic services to fleet owners. Whenever fleet owners and vendors connect through the STRATIM Marketplace, STRATIM acts as the clearing house by processing payments between both customers. It also simplifies all the administration, from contracts right through to invoicing.

Pricing and Availability
The STRATIM Platform and STRATIM Marketplace are available throughout North America through a SaaS license fee based on usage, with no minimum monthly fee or long-term commitment required. Today, dozens of fleet owners use these services in large and small cities all over the United States and Canada, including New York, Chicago, Toronto, San Diego, Milwaukee and Austin.

STRATIM is the intelligent mobility and fleet infrastructure company that provides a unified platform to power the future of transportation. STRATIM Platform makes the management and maintenance of fleets simple, intuitive and frictionless. Trusted by 50+ automobile companies including BMW, Ford and GM, STRATIM modernizes operations, unifies systems and optimizes logistics to enable transportation companies to deliver better, more modern mobility experiences. Founded in 2016, STRATIM is headquartered in San Francisco and is led by a team of technology innovators from companies like Google, eBay, Trulia, and more. Investors include Bessemer Ventures, BMW iVentures, Norwest Venture Partners and Trinity Ventures. To learn more, please visit

1 Automotive Revolution – perspective towards 2030, McKinsey, January 2016

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