Adlib Recognized in Forrester’s New Vendor Landscape: File Analytics Report as a Leader in the Growing “Pure Play” Trend

TORONTO, Oct. 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Adlib, a leader in content conversion, capture and classification solutions, has been selected by Forrester, a global market research firm, to be included in its latest Vendor Landscape: File Analytics Report.

Similar to Gartner’s Market Guide to File Analysis Software (2016), Forrester’s report describes the current state of the industry and positions Adlib as a, ‘pure play’ file analytics vendor. This represents an interesting trend in how enterprise organizations approach unstructured data growth. There is a shift from using legacy or default systems (like an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tool) to working with a best of breed, custom-built tool.

“Forrester’s File Analytics report helps firms understand the strategies needed to determine where their data resides, including desired best practices for analyzing content that must be tagged, searchable and archivable as dictated by policies or laws,” says Cheryl McKinnon of Forrester. “It is why global enterprise organizations rely on Adlib’s file analysis solution.”

Adlib’s CEO, Peter Duff agrees. “Forrester’s report confirms the vital nature of our mission: to help organizations unlock and act on business intelligence and protect identified assets that reside within customer’s unstructured content,” he says. “The increased adoption of analytical content applications – like file analysis – are essential in removing the complexities behind recognizing and identifying unstructured digital content. Whether its content standardization, migration, or capture, classification and more, growth in this area is helping address both the trends in the market and the needs of the customer.”

Many industry professionals understand that a deep analysis of unstructured content extends beyond traditional approaches of file analytics like, meta-data or end-user tags. A deeper understanding of the “biggest, big data” available requires machine learning. It also requires a repeatable process for accurately identifying and acting on business critical content. From extracting the right meta-data, to identifying and redacting confidential information, accurate content categorization is a strategic pre-requisite for the adherence of both external and internal driven policy, risk/records and business related objectives.

Enterprises today are demanding repeatable process that allows them to efficiently curate unstructured content and classify it as high-value and/or high-risk. In order to address this, our Adlib Elevate platform is being leveraged as the foundation from which our analytics and classification applications agnostically analyze and interpret the flow of information. This combined with deep file analytics, gives Adlib the unique ability to create a Content Fingerprint that enables us to accurately “bucket” and distill content into an intelligently classified state.

“We recognized the gap in how traditional tools approach file analytics,” says Cengiz Satir, SVP, Product Strategy, Adlib. “We provide a deeper understanding of unstructured content by using machine learning techniques that go beyond basic text analytics that consistently improves the accuracy and comprehension of existing and newly analyzed unstructured content.”

About Forrester’s Vendor Landscape Report
Forrester’s Vendor Landscape Reports help to guide organizations into selecting a vendor that best suits their technology requirements. The reports present vendors (within a defined market) on several factors including, offered solutions, key capabilities, and benefits.

About Adlib
For over 15 years, Adlib has been transforming the way organizations around the world in Energy, Life Sciences, Insurance, and Banking overcome Information Governance challenges. Integrating with key business tools, Adlib’s solutions enable improved migration, compliance, privacy and security, digital transformation, and classification. By unlocking the value in unstructured content, we empower our customers to derive greater business insight for critical decision-making.

Fahad Muhammad  


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