Fast Growth Silicon Valley Startup VANTIQ Entering the Japan Market

TOKYO, July 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — VANTIQ, the real-time application platform company, today announced the company’s entry into the Japan market. As Japanese companies have started to embrace digital business models, the IT industry has experienced growth in jobs and other investments. VANTIQ’s platform will help Japanese system integrators, business users and public sector customers to quickly and easily build successful applications for organizations who are digitizing their business.

The VANTIQ application platform leverages data streams from IoT, social and traditional systems of record to enable real-time business and immediate responses to important business moments. Modern applications are difficult to build and often require specialized knowledge. With VANTIQ companies are able to leverage their existing IT skills and focus on the business logic rather than infrastructure and new technology. Rather than attempting to automate everything, developers can use powerful system-people collaboration patterns to choreograph the interaction between systems and people, providing the human touch and creativity where systems fail or fall short.

VANTIQ cofounder Martin Sprinzen, VANTIQ’s chief executive officer, and Miguel Nhuch, VANTIQ’s chief business development officer, worked closely with leading companies in Japan when they turned Forte Software into the most popular development platform for distributed Internet and Java applications. “We created the best application platform for Internet applications, now we are doing it again but for the new digital world, IoT, real-time business,” said Marty Sprinzen. “We have long standing relationships in Japan and we see the Japan market being an incredible opportunity, Japan is an industrial superpower and will benefit tremendously from digitizing the already modern businesses further. We are excited to again team up with Kayama-san and his team from FIT-One Holdings, Inc. (FIT-One) who we have worked closely with during his long and successful tenure with the Mitsubishi corporation.”

FIT-One is an IT business incubator founded by Yukihiro Kayama and partners based on more than 40 years of experience at Mitsubishi Corporation and at EC-One, a leading Java technology system integrator, creating successful businesses and implementing cutting-edge information technologies. Kayama-san took EC-One public for about 200 million US dollars at Japan’s JASDAQ securities exchange only 4 years after the creation of the company.

“Japan is a well-developed Internet of Things market with one of the world’s largest per capita number of connected sensors, cameras, machines, robots and people. The innovative and highly productive development platform for real-time applications created by VANTIQ is a key enabler for the digital transformation of Japan’s businesses and society,” commented Kayama-san. He added, “I am excited to collaborate again with Marty and Miguel to develop new business opportunities for VANTIQ in Japan.”

VANTIQ CEO Martin Sprinzen will be visiting Japan in the week of July 23, 2017 to personally welcome new partners and speak to future customers. VANTIQ and FIT-One will work together closely to further build relationships with old and new friends to ensure the success of VANTIQ’s partners and successful market entry in Japan.

About the VANTIQ Real-Time Application platform
VANTIQ is an integrated Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), so there is no need to download or install software to get started. VANTIQ integrates new technologies (mobile and IoT) and existing applications (cloud and legacy) to enable effective collaboration among people and systems. With VANTIQ, a real-time application is developed in a single cloud location and then automatically distributed to the optimal nodes for execution, whether the nodes are cloud hosted, data center hosted, intelligent devices at the edge, or a combination thereof. VANTIQ applications can easily access both existing IT systems like systems of record (CRM or ERP) and streaming real-time data, giving the system a comprehensive understanding of the situation for which to make decisions. The VANTIQ platform includes the necessary management tools (performance, provisioning, status, logging) required for real-time business and event-driven operations.

With VANTIQ developers can focus on business logic rather than infrastructure. The VANTIQ platform takes care of scaling and running real-time applications, resilience included. For the very first time the development of event-based applications becomes easy, fast and low-risk.

VANTIQ’s goal is to provide the best technology platform for enterprises to digitize their business while keeping humans in charge.

The VANTIQ application platform-as-a-service enables users to develop, deploy and run real-time enterprise applications driven by data streams from IoT, connected products, social, enterprise systems of record and people. All applications created with VANTIQ are event-driven, allowing businesses to respond in real-time to any business event.

VANTIQ was founded by industry veterans Marty Sprinzen and Paul Butterworth who bring decades of experience in leading successful startup companies. For more information, visit or

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