Eulo Chiropractic Center Explains the Benefits of Custom Orthotics

SEWELL, N.J., July 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Eulo Chiropractic Center has released information regarding the benefits of custom orthotics for ending pain related to gait and posture problems. It says that pain in weight-bearing joints often occurs because the feet do not evenly contact the ground. Orthotics corrects for this difference and allows the body to balance itself properly.

Uneven gait arises from a variety of reasons. Injuries can weaken a joint or leg and cause sufferers to favor one leg in an attempt to prevent pain. Pain itself can cause the gait to become uneven for the same reason. In a small number of cases, a person may be born with a condition that causes the same effect.

In all of these cases, the resulting uneven gait can cause even more pain. This is when it is a good idea to take action to correct posture. Custom orthotics are preferred for this purpose because they provide an instant, non-surgical correction.

“When posture is affected by the way the feet strike the ground, corrective measures must be taken to get the body back into balance. This correction allows the body to walk in ways that are far less physically stressful, and therefore, unlikely to cause pain. A two-pronged approach of chiropractic care and custom orthotics often brings great relief. The chiropractic treatments help speed the body’s realignment while the orthotics ensure that further damage is not being done,” said Dr. Christopher Eulo of Eulo Chiropractic Center.

Custom orthotics are made specifically for each patient’s feet. When done at a chiropractor’s office, the person’s entire posture is considered when designing the orthotics. A podiatrist, on the other hand, would only look at the feet. Therefore, it’s important to go to a chiropractor when the goal is to end the pain in weight-bearing parts like the knees and hips. The chiropractor is also able to add other therapies that will work together to maximize relief.

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Eulo Chiropractic Center is headed by Dr. Christopher Eulo, who has practiced in Sewell since 1993. The clinic provides chiropractic and related wellness treatments for pain management, weight loss, sports and auto injuries, and more.

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