H2O Degree Introduces Advanced Cloud-Based Leak-Detection Reporting

Bensalem, PA, June 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Bensalem, PA— June 20, 2017 — H2O Degree, manufacturer of advanced two-way wireless mesh submetering systems for tenant billing, leak detection, utility conservation and building automation system integration in multi-family facilities, announces its latest advancement in cloud-based, leak-detection reporting. Working in tandem with H2O Degree’s wireless water meters, the updated web-based leak-detection reports are proving effective in helping apartment building owners dramatically cut their average daily consumption, or ADC. Based on H2O Degree’s field experience in leak reporting, the ADC reduction can be as much as 50% in some cases.


H2O Degree’s two-way mesh submetering system takes a sophisticated approach to detecting and reporting water leaks for a single apartment down to individual point-of-use entry locations (toilet, shower, etc.) throughout the property. Typical water meters installed in apartments track water by gallons used. The H2O Degree battery-powered wireless water meter, in contrast, also monitors “events” such as stop/starts and flushes along with the time duration of the water flow. If an unusual event occurs, property managers are immediately alerted to its specific location. Since the water meter’s granular insight about the event enables them to deduce its cause (i.e., when installed on a toilet, it distinguishes among a broken flapper, broken chain or crack fill valve), they can quickly send an email or text to maintenance staff to fix the problem. Meanwhile, asset managers can access the online leak reports in order to track the building’s historical water-consumption information as well as maintenance response times and follow-up.


“In apartment buildings, toilets represent 40% of all water consumption – and 70% of all water leaks,” said President of H2O Degree, Don Millstein. “So it’s critical to not only find out when a leak occurs, but to know that the problem was fixed.” He continued, “H2O Degree has updated our leak-detection reporting capabilities by using algorithms to pinpoint leaks and store data on a dedicated web portal. Ultimately, our advanced cloud-based leak reports help building owners accomplish three of their main goals: lowering operating costs, increasing net operating income and boosting property values.”


H2O Degree’s leak detection reports are sortable by serial number, property, apartment, point-of-use and leak size. The company emails daily leak reports through its automated system where the customer (building manager) can assign them to as many as 10 recipients. The reports are stored on a secure server in near real time. An easy-to-use dashboard features a variety of user selections including billing data, exception reports, a configurable reporting function and alarms. Aside from leak detection, the system also provides insight into reducing vacant utility cost, indicates over-occupancy and limits the possibility of passing a high water bill caused by leaks onto the tenant, thus improving the tenant experience at the property.


To learn how H2O Degree’s submetering and leak detection system results in significant savings, please go to www.h2odegree.com.


About H2O Degree

H2O Degree manufactures a broad line of wireless mesh, radio-based submetering and leak detection systems that measure individual apartment or condo use of water, domestic hot water energy, boiler and chiller energy, electricity, gas and BTUs. The systems are ideal for tenant billing, leak detection reporting down to the toilet level and energy analytics. The company also offers Green Thermostats, which track energy use and apartment temperature while allowing tenants and property owners to set temperature set-points and schedules, adjust set-back temperatures when tenants are away or asleep, report HVAC maintenance issues, and provide control for vacant utility cost. For more information, please go to: www.h2odegree.com.






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