Kindred Care Pet Hospital Recognizes National Heartworm Prevention Month

RICHMOND, Texas, April 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kindred Care Pet Hospital is recognizing National Heartworm Prevention Month by providing the West Houston metropolitan community with helpful information on heartworm and its prevention. Heartworm is a parasitic disease spread to dogs and cats by infected mosquitoes. If left untreated, it is often deadly to pets. It can, however, be prevented with simple long-acting medications provided by a Richmond veterinarian. Therefore, Kindred Care Pet Hospital urges pet owners to take their dogs or cats to the vet to get them started on preventatives right away.

Since heartworm is spread by affected mosquitoes, its prevalence rises and falls with the seasons. In cooler areas, it is standard practice for veterinarians to remind pet owners to restart the preventatives every spring. However, in the Fort Bend County region, heartworm is strongly recommended all year round since there are warm days even in winter.  

“Heartworm is so named because the infective worms end up in the heart. There, they interfere with the organ’s efficiency. If there are enough heartworms, they will physically block the heart’s ability to deliver blood, causing death. In lesser cases, the results can still be devastating to a pet’s health. Serious damage to multiple organs often occurs,” said Dr. Paul Fidelis of Kindred Care Pet Hospital.

Since it’s all but impossible to prevent pets from ever getting bitten by mosquitoes, even if they are kept indoors, preventive medicine focuses on drugs that kill any larvae that the mosquitoes deposit into the pets’ bloodstreams. Thanks to years of development, there are several such medications. They are given once per month or even less, so it’s very easy to keep pets protected.

“Pets are also subject to other types of parasitic infection. Fortunately, we have some medications that can prevent several types of infestations at once. This is a big improvement over older versions,” Dr. Fidelis explained.

Medications that offer protection against multiple parasites are specifically selected by veterinarians according to the species and breed of pet that will be receiving them. Therefore, it is important to see a vet to make sure to get the appropriate treatment for the pet(s) involved. This helps to ensure that there will be no complications.

Spring is typically the best time to start all of these preventive medicines, and veterinarians will be stocked with the most effective versions for the areas they serve. Pet owners are encouraged to make appointments soon to ensure a happy warm season for their companions, but remember in warmer climates, heartworm and flea prevention should be done all year round.

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