Best Stocks to Buy Right Now

As we look at the market overall, we see the DOW is still up strong this year, and continues strong as we are now deep into April. You ask… What are the best stocks to buy today? Today’s not a day we’re going to take about the unknowns. We’re going to use our stock screener and show you why two you know well are stocks to invest in right now.

Here are stocks to buy right now if you don’t yet own them:

Your tech portfolio should NOT be cherry picking second and third tier tech stocks right now. Stop looking for the “more affordable” and “smaller” tech companies. Don’t go grabbing shares of SNAP hoping it’s going to SNAP back. There is a strong and very significant reason to pick two of the biggest names up if you don’t already have them.

First: Alphabet Inc. (NasdaqGS: GOOG) (I still call it Google. That’s just the way it is for me!)

Don’t overweight your portfolio – but – while others are reporting on the “advertiser boycott” the truth is that is meaningless. Something huge and transformational is about to happen to Google (Alphabet, okay). The roll-out has already begun for its new YouTube TV. Have you heard of this? It’s already in five cities. This is what many cord cutters will use instead of cable. With an unlimited DVR and the infrastructure to have many millions of simultaneous connections, how can they lose? They won’t.

I predict this will be nearly as important to GOOG as the iPhone launch was to AAPL. 


Second: Apple Inc. (NasdaqGS: AAPL)

This cash rich company has many thinking it should merge with Disney. Who knows if that is anything more than a couple analysts hoping for something special. The truth is that the iPhone continues to dominate. While we are hearing about it competitors right now, nothing beats an iPhone. While the iPad sales are not what they once were, that’s only because the devices are so well made and last so long. As the father of boys, 11 and 13, I can tell you the iPad is as hot as ever. 

Apple is developing a version of the Apple Watch for diabetes control. How great is that? For those that suffer from diabetes, AAPL is researching how to make the Apple Watch help control diabetes. That would become a must own for anyone with the disease. One can run with similar ideas for the product and for the iPhone that would also be required most likely. I cannot imagine that even if the Apple Watch was usable without an iPhone nearby that anyone would then use an Android device. 

It’s not this single idea of diabetes control via the Apple Watch that makes me bullish. The next update to the iPhone later this year will be so different, it will become a must. We all know that from a distance nobody can tell the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and the iPhone 7 apart. People will want the new look with the new features. 

Updates on the Mac line recently are strong. The Mac Pro update may be underwhelming, but we are promised even better in the future. 

You’ve got to have at least a couple of bites of AAPL in your portfolio. 



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