Feigenbaum Cleaners – Family Owned Business Marks 100th Anniversary

GLENS FALLS, N.Y., March 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Feigenbaum Cleaners, one of the oldest dry cleaning businesses in New York State, is celebrating its centennial anniversary. The Glens Falls, New York company was founded in 1917 by Herman Feigenbaum and his wife Jennie, both emigrants from Austria-Hungary. They met and married in New York City in 1909.  Todd Feigenbaum, the third generation owner explained, “After working as a tailor for years in the crowded garment factories of New York’s Lower East Side, Herman decided to leave New York City to purchase a tailor shop in Whitehall, New York. On their way to Whitehall, the family of five decided to spend a night in Glens Falls, a small city 50 miles north of Albany. After exploring the community and falling in love with its charm, they decided Glens Falls would be their new home.

Herman opened his tailor shop and soon realized there was no dry cleaner north of Albany, so he decided to incorporate dry cleaning into his business. For many years the business operated out of the family home, where eventually all six children helped out. After returning from the service in World War II, sons Louis and Bill joined their parents and expanded the company into a larger location near the home. By 1952 the business grew again with the construction of more space, including a large fur vault, which was added to the building.

During the 1950’s and 60’s Feigenbaum Cleaners grew with an expanded delivery service and their busy store located in downtown Glens Falls.

Louis and Bill ran the business after Herman and Jennie retired.  Herman died in 1958, Jennie in 1968.  Todd Feigenbaum took the helm shortly following Louis’s death in 1986.  He and his wife Julie continue to run the company with business partner, Bonnie Smith, who joined them in the management of Feigenbaum Cleaners in 1992.

Over the past 30 years the business has grown to include additional stores in Saratoga Springs, Wilton, and Queensbury, NY with delivery routes as far south as Albany.

“Businesses come and go.  It’s unusual that a business survives to pass from one generation to another.  Here we have one continuing on to a third generation and reaching the milestone of 100 years,” said John “Jack” Diamond, Mayor of Glens Falls. “Feigenbaum Cleaners and generations of the Feigenbaum Family have contributed to our business community and many civic and government organizations for many years.”

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