Wally Kojima, O.D. and Associates Detects Glaucoma Earlier with FDA-Approved Topcon 3D OCT-1 Maestro

KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii, March 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Kailua-Kona optometrist and staff are pleased with the results of the recently FDA-approved Topcon 3D OCT-1 Maestro device to detect and monitor early signs and progress of glaucoma. Glaucoma is a serious eye health condition that can often lead to significant vision loss and blindness. Improved eye health assessment and early detection affords patients the ability to seek treatment that can slow progress and improve outcomes. Patients who have a family history of glaucoma need more than a traditional eye exam to safeguard their vision, which is a service available at Wally Kojima, O.D. and Associates.

The 3D OCT-1 Maestro was recently approved by the FDA and enables eye doctors to improve their assessment abilities of important eye health concerns, such as glaucoma. The device has been available for the last two years outside of the US with more than 10,000 units sold by the manufacturer, Topcon Medical Systems (TMS). The in Kailua-Kona device delivers a higher standard of clinical utility. Kailua-Kona eye doctors and their patients benefit from the latest Spectral Domain OCT technology and the high-resolution color non-mydriatic retinal camera. Its features, such as a fully automated operation and a rotating touch panel, make for an ideal diagnostic solution. Non-invasive assessments of the retina, or the back of the eye, allow for improved measurements for diagnosis and treatment for a range of conditions.

Glaucoma happens to be the second leading cause of blindness in the US. Those at high risk include individuals over 60, Hispanics and African Americans over 40, and those with a family history of the condition. The Topcon 3D OCT-1 Maestro is effective for early detection of this serious eye condition and in its monitoring. Early detection and treatment can slow the progress of the condition and improve patient outcomes.

“The Topcon 3D OCT-1 Maestro provides patients with more information on macular degeneration and glaucoma for diagnosis and treatment at an early stage of the conditions,” said Dr. Wally Kojima. “Early detection is useful for slowing the progression of a range of age-related eye conditions. We can now offer a higher standard of accuracy with the recently approved Topcon 3D OCT-1 Maestro. Such devices help us to continue to deliver exceptional care to our patients. We welcome patients and individuals who are concerned about their eye health to learn more about the Topcon 3D OCT-1 Maestro.”  

Dr. Wally Kojima, optometrist at Wally Kojima, O.D. and Associates, serves residents of Kailua-Kona and the surrounding areas. Dr. Kojima provides his over 30 years of eye care expertise to patients and their families. Services include comprehensive eye exams, glasses and contact lenses, eye disease/disorder care, and LASIK support.

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