College Station Optometrist Crystal Vision Center Now Carries the Vuarnet Brand of Designer Eyewear

COLLEGE STATION, Texas, March 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Crystal Vision Center is pleased to announce that they have added Vuarnet Sunglasses to their collection. They are the exclusive retailer in College Station and surrounding cities, and one of only a few retailers in Texas.

Manufactured in France, the Vuarnet lenses are exclusively mineral glass, each engraved with the Vuarnet symbol. Vuarnet mineral glass filters 100% of ultraviolet light, and provides up to 99% protection against blue light, one of the most aggressive lights in the visible spectrum. The Vuarnet aesthetic and technical signature is a mirror double gradient-tinted coating, which guarantees maximum protection against glare and reflections. Vuarnet lenses are the only lenses in the world designed to absorb up to 94% of infrared; protecting your eyes from irritating dryness and heat. The lenses also benefit from an anti-reflection treatment on the internal face which eliminates all unwanted reflections.

Vuarnet mineral glass lenses guarantee no chromatic distortion. They provide exceptional clarity, producing sharper vision in comparison to plastic materials. As proof, all cameras, microscopes, and telescopes that require the best optical precision are all equipped with mineral glass. The lenses are mass tinted and naturally scratch resistant against even the most aggressive circumstances. They are also shock resistant as a result of a safety treatment by chemical tempering.

Vuarnet has lenses for every lifestyle. There are four treatments and four colors available.

College Station Optometrist Dr. Sherri Brice says, “We are pleased to offer the Vuarnet line of eyewear to our patients.”

Anyone who would like to learn more about Crystal Vision center or want to schedule an appointment may do so by calling (979)764-0669. Additional information is available on their website at

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