Carolina Vision Care Offers Eye Protection from Blue Light Technology

GREENVILLE, N.C., March 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blue light exposure from digital devices can compromise eye health and lead to discomfort and vision issues. The new Crizal® Prevencia lens treatment and anti-reflective coatings for glasses offered at Carolina Vision Care protect eyes of all ages from damaging blue light exposure occurring outdoors and from digital technologies. The serious concern has resulted in iPhones now offering “night shift” mode and “blue shade” in Amazon’s Fire e-readers. Patients should be aware of how they can protect their eye health and sight.

Studies show that excessive blue light often results in eye strain that can worsen existing eye health conditions, produce considerable discomfort, and cause dry eyes.

“When looking at the screens of our digital devices, the rate at which we blink drops significantly,” said Dr. Scott McIntosh, O.D. “Blinking helps to lubricate the eyes, allowing for comfortable, clear vision.”

Symptoms of overexposure to blue light include headaches, temporarily blurred vision, and irritated eyes. Blue light may also harm the structures of the eye.

It is easy to start making small changes that can protect the eyes of both children and adults. Crizal® Prevencia is a blue-blocking anti-reflective coating for glasses that reduces the amount of blue light exposure from the sun and digital devices.

“This anti-reflective lens treatment is a practical option because the lenses remain clear and offer some of the best blue light protection available while reducing glare,” said Dr. Natalie McIntosh, O.D.

In addition to sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, tinted prescription glasses, and Transitions® lenses that may be specially coated to protect eyes from blue light, Carolina Vision Care also offers anti-reflective coatings that reduce glare from technology.  Children, as well as adults, are susceptible to blue light and digital eye fatigue. Now, children are often seen watching television, using tablets, mobile phones, and doing their school and homework on computers. This creates a significant amount of exposure to blue light from technology. Whether patients are using digital devices at home or enjoying the outdoors, blue blocking and anti-reflective coatings for glasses help maintain eye health.

“This year, we’re challenging you to prioritize your eye health by limiting your exposure to blue light,” said Dr. Thomas McIntosh, O.D. “It’s as easy as enhancing your eyewear with blue light blocking lens treatments, wearing sunglasses or Transitions® lenses when outdoors, powering down from digital devices an hour before bed, and taking a twenty second break from screens every twenty minutes.”

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