Blue Valley Animal Hospital Releases Pet Bone Fracture Information

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., March 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blue Valley Animal Hospital has issued an alert reminding pet owners of the risk of broken bones in animals. They warn that most pets are impulsive, and even careful supervision may not prevent all accidents. When bone-breaking accidents do happen, this Overland Park animal hospital has a variety of ways of dealing with them, but prevention is always the best way to approach this issue.

Fractured animal bones generally occur after an accident of some sort. While vehicles are an obvious danger, it is also common for pets to hurt themselves while playing or being too adventurous. For example, a rambunctious dog may jump out of a second-story window in order chase after something of interest. This sort of impulsive behavior leads to injuries of all sorts.

“Fortunately, animal bones heal well when given the proper treatment of being reset by a professional for good long-term results. This will typically involve either a cast or some other means of keeping them immobile while healing takes place. With some types of breaks, we also install plates or pins inside the affected limb,” explained Dr. Brad Spain of Blue Valley Animal Hospital.

When a pet suffers an injury that could be a broken bone, it’s important to get him or her to the veterinarian immediately. Owners should not attempt to set a bone themselves. While only an X-ray can tell for sure if a pet’s bone has sustained an incomplete fracture, when there is no obvious deformity, a big warning sign is that the animal may hold the paw of the affected leg up into the air or refuse to put any weight on it. Of course, if a pet’s bone has endured a compound fracture where the bone is exposed, or the leg is bent unusually where there isn’t a joint due to a complete or comminuted fracture, it may be more easily diagnosed as broken.

Once at the animal hospital, a veterinarian will X-ray the bone to learn the specifics of the injury. Then the appropriate treatment will be prescribed and delivered based on the results. The fracture may be treated with the aid of a cast, splint, or internal fixation surgery depending on the severity of the break. After that, any applied cast is removed and it shouldn’t be long before the animal is back to running around. In severe cases, the animal’s limb may need to be amputated, however, most pets are resilient and after regaining their balance, are able to be mobile and enjoy life fully.  

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