Blue Spring Chiropractic Announces In-House Insurance Verification Service

BELLEVUE, Wash., March 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Chiropractic patients in the Bellevue area now have one less worry. That is because Blue Spring Chiropractic is able to verify insurance coverage before any bills have incurred. This makes it so that there are no surprises when it comes to costs. Blue Spring Chiropractic is able to do this thanks to the relatively new level of connectivity with insurance companies.

Not all that long ago, visiting any kind of doctor had a layer of stress that went beyond any medical condition being diagnosed or treated. This was the stress of wondering whether or not a treatment would be covered by insurance. Even the Affordable Care Act (ACA) did not eliminate this problem since it did not mandate which doctors participated in which plans. It also did not mandate that every plan cover every possible treatment.

“Through the years, we noticed that most health care reforms did not address the simple question of exactly which policy will pay for which services.  While Marketplace policies under the ACA are easier to understand in some ways, the fine details are still buried within pages of legal specifics. We knew that we needed to set up a system where we could check with insurance companies directly so no one got a bad surprise,” said chiropractor Dr. Steve Baek of Blue Spring Chiropractic.

For most patients, in-house insurance verification is a fast and easy process. All a patient needs to do is provide the information on their insurance card, such as policy number, group number, and the name of the insurer. Other identification, such as a driver’s license, is also used to double-check the patient’s identity. Then, Blue Spring Chiropractic is able to log onto the insurer’s system to verify everything. The insurer’s system returns the result, and treatment plans can then be devised that fit within the guidelines. Blue Spring Chiropractic accepts many insurance policies including: 

Blue Cross
Blue Shield
First Health Choice
United Health Care

Blue Spring Chiropractic also has options for those whose insurance doesn’t cover their desired treatments and for those who simply don’t have any insurance at all. In these cases, Blue Spring Chiropractic offers other payment options, such as payment plans, credit card acceptance, Care Credit, and other standards. There are also special low-cost treatment options available.

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