Convey Services’ New Portal Technology Delivers Foodservice Content Directly to Restaurant Operators

ATLANTA, March 16, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Convey Services, in partnership with Trackmax Solutions, a leader in distributor-focused profit improvement software, today released a customer-facing online resource center enabling foodservice distributors to deliver supplier product information, training videos, recipes, rebates and coupons directly to restaurant operators, hotels, hospitals, catering and schools. This new solution, marketed as ‘ProfitMax’ and ‘Convey for Foodservice’ provides a direct connection between foodservice suppliers and operators to improve education, product knowledge and share ideas to help operators grow their business. Suppliers subscribe to the service through their distributor to fund the program.

“The new operator resource center is a unique solution to give foodservice distributors and their suppliers an automated way to deliver information directly to the chefs and operators that order products,” said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of Convey Services. “Through ProfitMax, distributors can differentiate themselves in the marketplace, offer additional value to customers and promote their suppliers’ products.  Our program drives sales and increases profitability for the operator, the distributor and the foodservice supplier. Resource centers come complete with email marketing tools for targeted sales campaigns, along with tracking and analysis of operator interest.”

Convey’s operator-focused resource centers provide unprecedented access for suppliers to educate culinary staff and give the operator streamlined access to recipes, product ideas, training on menu preparation and deals to reduce cost. Foodservice suppliers add content into an administrative hub site, delivering it with a single click to distributors who have ProfitMax resource centers.  Foodservice distributors have complete control of what content operators can view, along with tracking and analytics to ensure the messages receive maximum visibility.

Convey offers custom branding along with site management and support for participating distributors and their suppliers. ProfitMax is a ‘Platform as a Profit Center’ solution giving distributors technology to educate both the DSR and operator and at the same time generate profit from supplier participation.  For more information visit

About Convey

Convey is a cloud-based platform that hosts and delivers content, training & events and generates revenue from subscriptions, purchases or advertising. Convey Channel Programs connect suppliers to revenue producers in indirect distribution channels providing access to product information and training, creating calls to action and driving revenue. Convey’s Platform as a Profit Center (PaaPC™) generates revenue from supplier subscriptions, membership fees, advertising and ecommerce. For information visit, or call 888-975-1382.

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