Hillary Clinton avoids a handshake as theTown Hall Debate with Donald Trump Begins

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-34-35-pmWatch how Hillary Clinton avoids any chance of a handshake with Donald Trump at the beginning of the Town Hall Debate

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Enter Hillary Clinton! 


Hillary starts by walking out from stage right. If you watch this on video, you can see that she never seems to look at Donald Trump in the eyes.

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Here Comes Donald Trump!


Donald Trump enters from stage left. He looks at the audience, the hosts, and over to Secretary Clinton. Does she look at him? Really, no.

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“Do you ever feel that someone is looking THROUGH YOU?” Trump likely did!


This is really the only frame I could find where she appears to be looking in his direction. But when watching the video roll, it looks as if she is looking beyond or above him. Rather aloof. 

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Avoidance at all Costs: Hillary starts her pivot counter-clockwise and never looks back


While Donald Trump gives her a few extra seconds to connect, Hillary Clinton begins that counter-clockwise pivot that will eventually lead to her seated at the chair. 

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This is Actually Getting Faster! 


Health Note: We hope this quick neck movement did not injure Mrs. Clinton!


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Totally Facing Another Direction!


No, she does not turn and face Donald Trump. She looks totally to state right. I would guess she is looking over at four familiar looking faces. 

Here they are: 


Incidentally, they were never invited to ask a question during this Town Hall Debate. If they had…. That would have been great!


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But it’s Incredibly Awkward for Hillary Clinton who now Checks out the Floor! 



“I think I will use this carpet in the Oval Office,” thinks Hillary.

We should remind her that the carpet is blue. Blue shows certain stains and holds in biological DNA material.


She clearly wanted to avoid him – but it looks so incredibly awkward. It looks very rude, too. 

I guess she didn’t realize that they were actually going to have a great debate, speaking of old times and old scandals! 


Did they ever shake hands? 


I guess the debate went so well, they both shook hands. They did not walk out hand-in-hand, as their loving spouses were present. We don’t know if the reconnected later!


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