France might be taking a right turn, electing Le Pen

France might be taking a right turn, electing Le Pen

Sunday, April 23, 2017 is election day in France. As you can see from the chart below, the very moderate François Fillon of France’s “Republican Party” has taken a hard hit as violence continues in France. (Chart from Bloomberg – link at end of article) Then Emmanuel Macron of the very “progressive” (basically moderate Socialist) En Marche! Party… Continue Reading

Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State Allowed 50% of US Uranium Production to be Purchased by Russian Money

What has Wikileaks Exposed on the Uranium One Deal?    [nextpage title=”Wikileaks on Uranium Deal” ] Hillary Clinton and all of their surrogates continue to suggest that the Russian Uranium deal was done without regard for any of the money moved to various Clinton entities.  The mainstream media for months has suggested that any attempt… Continue Reading

Hillary Clinton avoids a handshake as theTown Hall Debate with Donald Trump Begins

Watch how Hillary Clinton avoids any chance of a handshake with Donald Trump at the beginning of the Town Hall Debate [nextpage title=”Up Next – The Donald” ] Enter Hillary Clinton!  Hillary starts by walking out from stage right. If you watch this on video, you can see that she never seems to look at… Continue Reading