Trade Alert: Price for $RXSF Creates Potential Upside Gain of 161% if Reaches 5-Day High Again

Trade Alert: Price for $RXSF Creates Potential Upside Gain of 161% if Reaches 5-Day High Again



NOTE: This company now trades as GeneSYS ID, Inc. (OTCQB: GNID).


We see the chart for RX Safes, Inc. (OTCQB: RXSF) acting very similar to Anavex Life Sciences Corporation (Nasdaq: AVXL). 

RXSF was over $7 just days ago, and now it dipped to a level where someone buying in at or below $2.75 has a potential gain of 140% should the stock return to its recent high. 

Shares for RXSF act a lot like AVXL, as it moves up and down, then further up…. repeating this pattern over and over. 

I am a consultant to the Company. I came on knowing of the likely similarities to AVXL. I have done two audio interviews with the CEO (HERE and HERE).  Look at the disclosure at the bottom of this post for full details. We did not consult AVXL, fyi. 



December 21st at 11:46 AM ET:

Profile Stock $RXSF is Up 350% Since Last Monday’s Open on Huge Volume!

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Some of our AVXL Coverage: 


So… Look at the POST SPLIT CHART for AVXL. Then look at the POST SPLIT CHART for RXSF!

The similarities are AMAZING. 

Both were UPLISTED AFTER their reverse splits. AVXL went from OTCQB to Nasdaq. RXSF went from Pink Sheets to OTCQB.

That’s why I like what I see here. I am a consultant to the Company as mentioned above for RXSF. I specifically took them on as a client because I saw what happened with AVXL and I knew RXSF is very real. It has a relationship and product selling through CVS in a big way.


Good luck!


Updated: 3:08pm 12/30/2015

RX Safes Inc. is a client of / StockGuru. We are being compensated seventy-two hundred dollars and eighteen thousand dollars total value in shares to be paid during the next twelve months divided into in three separate issue dates. Share price of the compensated shares are not at a discount to market and will be restricted under Rule 144. StockGuru, McKinney, Texas 75070.  Telephone: 469.358.5200. No person or entity associated with owns any free trading shares, warrants or other shares not mentioned in this disclosure of RXSF stock.