The Buzz as 97 Million Shares of Volume Suck $URBF Down by 39.3% – #UrbanBarns

The Buzz as 97 Million Shares of Volume Suck $URBF Down by 39.3% – #UrbanBarns

Who says Urban Barns Foods Inc. (URBF) is a bad stock? Most of the people who sold it today are not too thrilled, but don’t make your decision on that alone.  Make it on the fact that a shifty group is working on this one. Not the company – but a flaky IR group that tends to ultimately do more harm than good. Yes, they suck… and that is where the sucked volume is going. 

Let’s get to the Buzz!


They’re ALREADY Moving On to the Next Stock! You know what that means to the longs in URBF? You’ve lost at musical chairs:

Days ago they were happy, but they didn’t know what was coming… Still, they clapped their hands:

Easy Money wants a dead cat bounce. Good luck with that:

Chris has this:

Prana, you can’t chart your way back up unless the stock moves there:

Somebody wants to use an alternative to a dead cat… a corpse with a hot chick:

Another bounce call… that does not happen:

Rand, you can grab this one cheaper likely every day… compared to the day prior:

Ignorance is Blissful and Hopeful:

Rand calling the Dump:

Funny Penny Stock did truly call this:

It’s going to snap? What the hell does that mean?

Jon Lewis, watch your language. Only children or very immature traders would buy this:

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