Morton General and Implant Dentistry Seeks to Educate Parents on Importance of Air Way Checks for Kids

MARIETTA, Ga., Nov. 01, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Marietta, Georgia, dental clinic, Morton General and Implant Dentistry is on a mission to inform Marietta area parents about the need for air way checks for kids – primarily between the ages of four and seven. These important checks are generally conducted by Pediatric ENTs (ear, nose and throat doctors) or dentists. “It is especially important,” says Dr. Morton, “for parents who have children that snore, show symptoms of early apnea, breathe through their mouths, or who have very thin faces, cross bites, or high palatal vaults to have regular air way checks conducted.”

Dr. Morton, of Morton General and Implant Dentistry in Marietta, Georgia, wants to encourage area parents who have children between the ages of four and seven to consider air way checks for their children. He believes these tests, which are conducted by pediatric ENTs or dentists, can be instrumental in helping to avoid orthodontic problems and possibly even preventing the necessity for jaw surgery later in life.

The risks associated with airway problems can be quite severe for children, even leading to deviations in craniofacial development. Other complications that commonly occur with children related to air ways include abnormal bite patterns and teeth grinding – especially during sleep.

Tonsils and adenoids, though primarily adenoids, are the primary culprits for air way disruptions in children between the ages of four and seven. As a result one of the primary treatment methods is tonsil and adenoid removal. That isn’t always a fast cure, however, which is why it’s important to continue checking air ways even after surgery.

The first priority, according to Dr. Morton, is to get children to sleep with their mouths closed rather than opened. In some instances this requires working with the child to eliminate old habits and instill new habits for healthier sleep. That’s why it’s so important to turn to qualified physicians and dentists for air way checks especially in children who are in a higher risk group.

The key for successful treatment of air way related problems is to begin treatment as soon as the problem is discovered.

“Parents are constantly looking for ways to improve the health of their children,” says Dr. Morton. “One important way to do this is by taking children in for air ways checks while they are young. In fact, while the age range suggests between the ages of four and seven, the closer to four the child is the better it is to discover and correct the problem before habits that are incredibly difficult to break have been established.”

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