The Buzz is Strong in Advance of Monday for $TBEV – Particularly on the Boards!

The Buzz is Strong in Advance of Monday for $TBEV – Particularly on the Boards!

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Are you watching High Performance Beverages (OTC: TBEV)

The past five days have seen a slight rebound. The momentum is going in the right direction. Let’s look at the Buzz here and what is causing it!

Starting with The Buzz on Twitter:

Admir shows us the Level 2:

While this is mostly Buzzing on Ihub, here’s Mike with this:

MT Penny Stocks RT’s the Company…

Like I said, this is not a Twitter Buzzing stock. It’s far bigger on Ihub. 


This is HUGE on Ihub, Let’s look there for additional Buzz!


Cruzdelsur is looking for a GREAT Monday:



BobRossPaints feels left out:

Dang! Why didn’t I think of that! Going to toss one in the freezer now. Do you know how long it takes to get it into that perfect slushee form? I’ll start a timer and find out too.


LineItemVeto notes money is tight:

So NO MONEY yet (With this LINK)


But Cruzdelsur offers this hint for Monday:



Jammiano loves the product: 

Bought 2 more today


Earlier…  BobRossPaints also ordered some:

Ordered more cases! I seriously love this stuff


Jpenn36 talks bashers:

Hahaha, you forgot the part where bashers become


REALtime64 notes notes this:

They just got the 1000 cases the other day this is great news this is


Mr-Meeseeks notes inventory at Amazon:

only 525 left in stock on amazon! About to get down to the 400s!! get it while it s left.


Joborders gives anti-basher advice:

NEVER ENGAGE A STOCK BASHER; if you do,  (This was deleted quickly for some reason.  Over moderation?  Of course!)

He adds… 

This stock-“it’s like getting in on sunlight before there was sunlight”.

Sprycel thinks someone is in the know:

Someone knows something we don’t with these big


krikit888 notes that bashers are paid at times:

There are a lot of paid bashers out

Read all of these on the Ihub board for TBEV!


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