Huge Buzz today for $SANP – Santo Mining Corp is already nearing DOUBLE Volume Average

Huge Buzz today for $SANP – Santo Mining Corp is already nearing DOUBLE Volume Average

NOT-OTCQBSo just how does “Santo Mining Corp” (OTC: SANP) become “Cathay Cigars of Asia” – and then “Cathay Lifestyle Brands of Asia?” 

We’ll leave that question for another day. Yes, we can read the press, but it’s among the strangest transitions since Bruce Jenner became Miss Jenner. 

FYI – Not only do they have a STOP SIGN AT OTCMARKETS, they DO NOT NOT NOT have the designation at OTCQB. Note they are issuing press as if they are still OTCQB: 

Why is SANP Buzzing so loudly today? Let’s get that buzz!

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The Latest News:

Santo Mining Corporation lands largest agreement year to date

Santo Mining Corporation DBA: Cathay Lifestyle Brands of Asia (OTCQB: SANP), (the “Company”), announces today it has executed an agreement with the Ligero Group of China which owns and operates the Ligero Pipe & Cigar House franchise, with 15 cigar stores in China and a pipe and cigar club with over 50,000 members. This agreement will be the largest to date for the company; included in this agreement are consulting pipe and cigar sales services, cigar education and cigar events that the company will develop exclusively for the Ligero Group of China.

Franjose Yglesias, CEO of SANP Cathay Lifestyle Holding, Inc., commented, “This agreement is clearly an indication on the growth of the luxury cigar lifestyle in China. This further establishes the self-sufficient nature of Cathay. With our lifestyle branding consulting and education cigar services we are at the forefront of this expanding market.”

Steve Sun, Deputy General Manager of Ligero Group of China commented, “Working with Cathay Lifestyle Brands, gives our company a distinctive and unique market advantage. The experience they bring in the non-Cuban cigar industry here in China, cigar events and the cigar education seminars, makes us very optimistic to be the leaders in the industry. We see the cigar market further expanding in 2016 to be the best year in our history. Partnering with Cathay Lifestyle Brands increases our customer base and brings a great potential to our bottom line. Our goal is to be the go to cigar store of China.”

Matthew Arnett, CMO of SANP Cathay Lifestyle Holding, Inc., commented, “This step is one of the single most significant moments in the cigar history of China, as there is a vacuum in the market for high-quality non-Cuban cigars. With this agreement, we have now gained access to not only brick and mortar locations, but an overwhelming base of ecommerce and social media customers. Couple this with our expertise in cigar lifestyle events and education programs, we see 2016 being our largest year for cigar sales to date in China. The Chinese cigar market is worth over $10 billion dollars annually, and we are driven to carve our slice of this market.”

About SANP
Cathay Lifestyle Holdings Inc., we are a lifestyle brand integration, marketing, design, development, education and consultant for high value sales channel of luxury lifestyle products in the leisure and entertainment sector. We have a diverse portfolio of licensed brands as well as a wide range of product categories. Our partners include, membership clubs, golf clubs, financial services groups, nightclubs, restaurants, lounges, sports bars, KTV’s, Duty Free Stores, e-commerce channels and direct to consumers B2C across Asia. Our services embody the interests, attitudes, and opinions of an elite group of consumers that embrace a particular culture. Our Lifestyle brands seek to inspire, guide, and motivate people, with the goal of our products contributing to the definition of the consumer’s way of life. We operate off the ideology that we must attract and connect people and brands to ultimately spur, set and create new social phenomenon’s.