The Buzz is Huge for $AMZN as Profit Announcement Comes Thursday! #Amazon @Amazon

The Buzz is Huge for $AMZN as Profit Announcement Comes Thursday! #Amazon @Amazon

This one is going to be big this week. On Thursday, October 22nd, Inc. (NasdaqGS: AMZN) announces its earnings for its fiscal quarter ending September 30, 2015. Walmart just days ago disappointed. Will the same happen with Amazon? I noted news on Amazon going after fake reviewers that are paid for “Five Star Reviews.” I like that. What I don’t like is that they are always losing slightly, never really consolidating and making the Company profitable. 

Personally, I don’t like how they are eliminating products from the website that compete with their Fire streaming products. They may have a great service with their streaming media available with Amazon Prime, but blocking the sale of Apple TV and Google Chromecast seemed more than a little petty. Personally, I always felt that Amazon Prime’s best streaming content was really targeted at getting people to sign up for Amazon Prime by blocking their access to episodes they missed of their favorite shows. I had Amazon Prime for a couple of years, but dropped it about six months ago and have never missed it. That’s just me. My wife does not agree, as she likes things she orders online to appear the next day. But we’ll leave the marital strife out of this (there is none, really).AMAZON-GROCERY

The Buzz is already started, and we can assume it will only grow. Let’s see what others think about the earnings. As usual we will leave out the automated bots and professionals that think posting to Twitter thousands of times a day is a great business model.

The Buzz on AMZN – Pre-Earnings Edition: 

I see this one … ABOVE … retweeted a lot lately.


Derald has this great chart: (Odd first name, though)

William Gambill Notes GOOG is also out Thursday, along with Amazon:

The Grocery Service is now going to cost a bigger annual fee:

This from Alene Vincent:

The legal action on fake reviews:

Carleton sees a split:

He adds…

Scotti posted this:

Swain is positive on AMAZON: