Let’s look at the Buzz for NQ Mobile Inc. $NQ #NQMobile

Let’s look at the Buzz for NQ Mobile Inc. $NQ #NQMobile


We couldn’t help but notice there has been a significant effort to start a Buzz on NQ Mobile Inc. (NYSE: NQ) – and not everybody believes it is real. I am not necessarily agreeing that it is manufactured, but take a look at this from StockTwits.com on NQ: 

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 1.26.17 PM

So they see the action on the stock as possibly being manipulated by some members they threw out. Again, the stock does not appear to me to be manipulated. I do believe some were interested in moving the stock and brought in promoters who thought they could use StockTwits in their efforts – and, of course, were ousted. 

The problem here is that there appears to be no real people on Twitter really interested in NQ. By real people I mean those that appear to be discussing or interested in the stock. Let’s look at some of the Buzz here form what appear to be real people. Again – I am skipping the robo posts. I am skipping chart guys and site guys who may have been brought in by somebody. Let’s see how real the interest is here.

Here’s that Buzz: 


YES – this is a charter, but he has a valid point:

And this from him, too:

StockTalk has this Thursday:

Moments ago we saw this site guy come out AGAINST NQ, dropping it frokm his “daily long watch list.” I am sure NQ is “devastated.”

My Conclusion:

There is no real Buzz here. Everything here is manufactured at best. 

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