I am Finding $TAPM #Tapinator Buzzing Everywhere… Let’s Find Out If It Is Real!

I am Finding $TAPM #Tapinator Buzzing Everywhere… Let’s Find Out If It Is Real!

Do you know of Tapinator, Inc. (OTC: TAPM)?  If not, you have not looked at any of the mobile gaming stocks on Twitter lately. TAPM’s ticker is all over so many others. It’s incredible that it has only traded 27,236 shares on Friday. When you look at it, you see that it is massively all over Twitter with what appear to be automated tweets shooting to various tech sites with stories not specifically related to the ticker. 

Let’s look at three in an image I captured: 

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 3.39.25 PM

IN ORDER TO ABOVE, here are the pages they open: 

  1. VentureBeat story: Microsoft: ‘All virtual reality platforms will converge to mixed reality’ (HERE)
  2. PocketGamer.Biz story: Ex-Unity VP John Goodale joins ‘gDocs for game devs’ outfit MaxPlay (HERE)
  3. TechRadar story: Nintendo NX: A closer look at the mystery console (HERE)


Let me explain what they are doing, even though it is failing to hold interest in the stock:

They getting random tech rss feeds that likely have a few key words and then they are auto-posting tweets based on this with the every important $TAPM in the tweet. They take the headline, then part of the first sentence. All of this is done by bots…. to get a “bot” order on TAPM. (For those who are not brokers, the old hand-written orders we did at Merrill and other brokers in the ’80s into the ’90’s always used the code “bot” when you were doing a buy order.)

So is there anybody real watching TAPM? Let’s see that Buzz:

Does the Company itself count as real? YES it does!



Other than the Company itself, all I saw were promoter tweets that used ow.ly as their URL shortener.  One of the same accounts used bit.ly once, but it was connected. 

So – there is NO REAL BUZZ FOR TAPM. That’s why it traded just 27k shares.