Up as much as 28%, the Buzz on $PTRA is Huge – PetroTerra Corp.

Up as much as 28%, the Buzz on $PTRA is Huge – PetroTerra Corp.

leader-roy-mooreThere is quite a Buzz going on with PetroTerra Corp. (OTCQB: PTRA) as it moves sharply upward in recent days. Today’s announcement of an independent contractor agreement with RAM Land Services that they term a “hire” hardly seems the impetus for such upward momentum. Maybe Roy A. Moore is a star in the industry? Quick question: Is he an employee or an independent contractor? That sentence was so cleverly written I cannot say for sure. All we know is the stock is up strong, so we simply must see the Buzz herein associated with this move!

The Buzz:

Let’s start with a positive:

Let’s be clear: Deviation2MEAN does not like this stock, I think:

He wrote this one minutes before:

JD15 sees it as just an oil and gas promo stock:

He also said… he sees weirdness:

I am looking for fans, but here’s Josh instead:

Some site guy sends the news out: 

TheReal666 calls it a successful promo, finds that unusual: 

Hunter called the short too early, as the stock defies him: 

Free Trade found the stock to be not so free as it swings upward:

Free Stock Pig is out… not holding the bag:

Love how the same pig said he wanted it to go to $10. Always positive while holding, that’s my way! 

Hunter points out the same promo guys behind BLKG are on this: 

Hunter shows us the landing page: (You know that will be gone in a few days!)