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The Buzz on the End of Days for New $BBRY Devices? Let’s Find Out What’s True and What is Not

BlackBerry Storm 9500 - The Worst NON-BRICK Cell Phone I Every Owned!
BlackBerry Storm 9500 – The Worst NON-BRICK Cell Phone I Ever Owned!

It’s been years since I last tried a BlackBerry (BBRY) Device on a full time basis. I had a sales guy that wanted one, then washed out days later. I decided rather than just let the device go to waste, I needed a second device. Besides, he got a very cool phone number with a double zero at the end of it. Bottom line, I got this device with a glass screen where the entire screen would click when you used it (BlackBerry Storm 9500). It was horrible beyond belief. I am sure that is what washed out that sales person. Who could sell with such a device? I quickly swapped it out for an Android, then later an iPhone 6. That’s what everybody else did. 

Like everyone else, I have heard of all of these great devices that BBRY has come up with. What’s the latest one? It’s the Passport! I tried one out that one of my vendors stuck a sales guy with. It totally sucked. 

Should BBRY give up and just close the door to new devices? 

Let’s find out what the Buzz says: 


Right off, we get this: Belle thinks the closing bell is coming for BBRY: 

Possibly a bit off target, but interesting:


Joe called it right…

Another Charter:

John thinks the Shorts are going to Lose their Shorts:

Crackberry? That used to be such a cool site:

Least secure site?

Here’s some website guy that knows everything, including where BBRY is headed:

Covered Call Alert: (Wake up the neighbors… that sleep during market hours!) 

Guess what? The CEO wants to sell five million phones a year? (I want to sell my house for 50 times what it is worth. I think I have a better chance!) 

You’re asking, what does some random guy think at Seeking Alpha about this? Let’s find out: .

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