The Buzz is on for $SUNE – Can SunEdison, Inc. Really Surge to $21? Some Say YES!

The Buzz is on for $SUNE – Can SunEdison, Inc. Really Surge to $21? Some Say YES!

Let’s take a serious look at the Buzz for SUNE. SunEdison Inc. (NYSE: SUNE) is a stock that took a very serious hit this year. All year it was rising and rising. Around mid-July the bottom fell out and shares sold off all the way from $33.45 to just $6.56 on September 29th. That was a massive 80.39% loss for those that bought at the high and sold at the low, which probably nobody really did. Those that did sell, probably lost 35% to 50% of their short term gains. 

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Could this recover even part of the way to the $33.45 level? JP Morgan says maybe, and considers the shares to be presently deeply undervalued. While I don’t completely agree with the analysts rationale, we ‘re not Buzzing here about my thoughts. Let’s get the Buzz from investors.

Zacks thinks it’s going no where fast…

Here’s Seeking Alpha on the JP Morgan report:

Another Seeking Alpha:

Mary the Trader banked some bucks, guess she’s not sticking around:

While this mentions SUNE only briefly, it does lay-out the risks of solar quite well:

Nathan got paid…

Mary, earlier, with an “I Told You So”

Faris Sleem sorry he missed the 6’s, but did get in the 7’s for a LONG TERM HOLD. It’s paying off now, he notes:

Final Take on SUNE: Interesting story on Solar from 

Short Sellers Stay Away From Solar Stocks, Add to Alt Energy Positions 

The bottom line of the story, be careful assuming every solar stock is a short. You might get sunburn!