The Buzz is Huge on $YELP – Yelp Inc. – Is it a Buy or Sell?

yelp-bad-reviewsJust under three months ago, Yelp Inc. (NASDAQ: YELP) had a dramatic fall. We all know that it has been touch and go since then. We are hearing the Buzz on Yelp big time lately. So is YELP a buy or sell? Let’s hear the Buzz!


We’re going to concentrate on posts that attempt to answer that buy/sell question:

Let’s start with a strong buy (this will be one of the only we see!):

Investor Analytics sees it going DOWN: 

Johnny thinks you could do better than YELP: 

Breaking News Now gives it this 3.14 rating. I guess you have to visit their site to get the complete info: 

Mark Holder suggests… Holder-ing: 

David Moadel says you need to stay with NFLX and YHOO: 

Quantcha says…

Dennis is very NON-bullish, and suggests YELP will have the value of the cheapest item at 7/11:

Dennis has a great way to make this stock work for anyone… Flip that chart!

Turbo Research did well with some calls… Will he try it again and again? Likely not successfully!

Walter White calls it… Yelp reviews are thought by many to be rigged. 

Binge and Purge – Two fingers down the throat and up comes YELP shares!

DW Pendergast is bullish… 

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