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The Buzz on $VNTH – Nano Mobile Healthcare Inc.

We’re hearing about VNTH all over. I picked this up on the Reddit Penny Stocks board over the weekend and did a bit of research on it today. The Company is now called Nano Mobile Healthcare (OTCQB: VNTH). The Vantage mHealthcare, Inc. is the reason for the VNTH ticker. The Company seems committed to making their shares more “meaningful” as they eliminated over 117 million shares by converting them into a Series A Convertible Preferred.  That’s basically good. 

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The chart since that announcement has been basically flat. That’s good when you consisder the Company had about an 18 month decline, with a couple of nice peaks in the process. 

The Buzz is growing. Can it actually break-out like it did in 2014?

Let’s see that Buzz:

Gotto has gotta go with it:

Positive Man likes thin: 

OTPicks agrees… Thin is in:

I Like BB Stocks finds it Smooth: 

Speed Loader / aka / @PapaBearTweet say’s .003 is going.  But Where? 

Yes – thin is in, again: 

Look for a 003 break: 


Can’t take a Redditor’s idea without giving the link:

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