The Buzz is on for $OWOO – One World Holdings Inc. – The One World Doll Project

Read about The Buzz on this Very Talked About Stock. WalMart Distribution, Top Designer Endorsement, and More

Let’s be real clear here, a penny stock is not a humanitarian project. There are many that have been marketed to save the Earth, feed the hungry and create a perpetual motion machine.  Most make horrible investments – in the long term. But we’re not talking retirement stocks here.  One World Holdings Inc. (OTC: OWOO) has a great business inside a public company. 

The Positives:

  • The WalMart Deal
  • The Company is watching its debt, although it’s a challenge. 
  • They have a positive business sitting inside of the public company. 

The Negative: Debt. 

Here’s what they have to overcome:

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.12.34 AM

Can they overcome the debt? There is so much debt, so let’s hope so!


Let’s see how the Buzz works for OWOO: 

UPDATE: I was asked this question and I answered:


Right off, FightingBack sees selling pressure: 

This is getting a huge buzz at IHUB, and some of those links make it to Twitter:

@PrettieGirls cites a magazine feature: 

And… she does it again:

Lebowsky sees the biggest week ever:

ChartGuy89 shows us the chart: (Of course charts are meaningless to promoted or overly buzzed stocks)

MT Loves the Lena Doll:

There was a lot over the weekend, but we will let you find those.


THIS IS HUGE ON IHUB. Take a look there and see posts every couple of minutes… or faster. 


Latest IMPORTANT News:

The Prettie Girls! Tween Scene Dolls to Launch Nationally in Walmart Stores

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / September 24, 2015 / The One World Doll Project, (PINKSHEETS: OWOO) a subsidiary of One World Holdings, Inc. announced today that the Prettie Girls! Tween Scene dolls will officially roll out to 2,950 Walmart stores across the country next week.

“This coming week represents another major milestone for this company, our doll designers, Stacey McBrie-Irby, Robert Tonner and One World shareholders,” said Corinda Joanne Melton, CEO of The One World Doll Project. “The dolls have been on the shelves in select stores for the past few weeks and now we are extremely excited as Monday marks the first week they will be available in all scheduled 2,950 locations. The Holiday shopping season is approaching rapidly and based on the sales we have seen thus far, we are confident there will be a lot of little girls out there with Tween Scene dolls under the Christmas tree this year,” he added.

For a complete list and location map of Walmart stores carrying the dolls, log onto the company website at

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