Let’s Just Face it: The REAL Buzz is on $AVXLD $AVXL – Anavex Life Sciences Corp.

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Look at that chart:

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 2.31.57 PM

That’s a six month chart on AVXL / aka / AVXLD /  Anavex Life Sciences Corp. That really says it all. 

The dollar volume here is HUGE. Absolutely huge. Today alone we will cross $20 million! Wow. 

Like everyone you see, we take some credit. Of course unlike the others, we write posts about just a few stocks and are pleased we brought you this one early. Back when it was in that May / June range! (Look it up if you don’t believe us.)

Okay – Everybody’s talking about this one: 

Tuesday, October 13th at 3:33 PM ET:

Looks like we’re getting fans at FINRA!


FYI, we never trade any stock mentioned on our site. 


Monday Update: 6:35 PM: 

Okay, Dominic, You’re in – See Just below this tweet:

Dominic comments on the Widow Maker for Shorts comment: 


Four Year High!

Papi Swim sees a crazy move:

Odd Stock Trader loves whomever is behind AVXLD – Nice grammar:

Daytrade sees a fake-out for the shorts.

Christopher Reed talks about the potential… of the drug: 

Faris is all holla:

Bruce is in it for the Cure and (maybe) the profit:

Nathan sees thin. I guess thin is in: 

Amaris get’s excited about 13%:

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