Buzz for Monday: $GEAR – Gear International Inc.

We’re starting to see what the Buzz is for Monday. We are seeing Gear International Inc. (OTC: GEAR) all over the place. Volume has been off lately. Dollar volume is not particularly significant. This is probably one to sit back and watch at first. See if this materializes at all. 

The StockGuru Buzz Scale: 4 of 10 (More on The StockGuru Buzz Scale coming soon)

Here is some of that Buzz:

The odd thing is that this Twitter account that appears to be (possibly) the official account for the Company is hyping with penny stock has tags like:  #pennystock #weed #stocks.

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 10.15.48 AM

Here are some of the Company’s Tweets: 


Time and a Half: 

Here’s one of the “Media Sentiment” many, many, many Twitter accounts:.

A frequent poster on the pennies: 



There are some posts there, but not build up for Monday seen so far. 

Elsewhere, few mentions. 


Again – The StockGuru Buzz Scale: 4/10


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