Up 435% Yesterday, $RLIA Chatter and Buzz is Huge – ReliaBrand, Inc.

Thursday saw RLIA up 435% at the close, and everyone it taking credit for it all over in the social media. We’re going to skip those trying to take credit and look at what real investors are saying as we being another trading day. 

RLIA is ReliaBrand, Inc. (OTC: RLIA). Although OTC Markets reports they are “current” in their information, they have put them under Caveat Emptor for all of the trading activity. 

Let’s see that buzz: 

The Top News…. OTC Markets dropped their biggest hammer on RLIA!

Brigham Youngster says it is a pump and dump:

StockFolks advises to take profits… Having never heard of them, do I take that advice? 

During the trading day yesterday, FPS Likes had this: 

Profit Locker realizes RLIA is moving: 

More from FPS Likes: 

Ellis asks if others are watching: 

Jon Rand sees it happening: 


OTC Logic: 


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