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The Buzz is on for $EMBR – Embarr Downs Inc.

EMBR is being mentioned on some of the smaller forums I follow.  Over the past few weeks we have seen volume come in and drive the stock up sharply a few times. Now I see it coming up again. I don’t have a share or a personal interest in this one. I throw it out there for those that might be interested. 

EMBR is Embarr Downs, Inc. (OTC: EMBR). It is a stop sign stock, so take note of that. 


There is a coordinated effort to move this stock and it is coming in strong. 

Take a look at some of this laid out after the market close. 


More from the same Positive Man: 


This from OT Picks: 



Here’s a charter on it: 

Looks likes a member site pushing it: 

Investor following it: 

Green Goblin following it too: 

Another Friday Pump: 

Nothing is really up to date here on news… 

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