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The Buzz on $ZMTP that Everyone’s Asking: Can this Upswing Continue?

It’s a damn pretty chart for Zoom Telephonics Inc. (OTCQB: ZMTP):

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While the chart looks great, volume today is (as we publish) just 20 shares. That’s less than 1% of the normal average of over 22k per day. That’s shows it’s slowing a bit. With a spread of 1.59 by 1.84, it’s no wonder volume is dry. 

What’s the Buzz on this one? 

  1. They all want to know IS THIS UPSWING GOING TO CONTINUE?
  2. And Will it HOLD THE GAINS?

Let’s see what some are saying:

Let me say this… There are lot of bots posting this one. Taking credit for everything, etc. Here’s one of those sites trying to get you to check out their site based on what the stocks done since its last 13D:



This is all over: 


Let’s say you want REAL HUMANS to give you an opinion of the stock? Not companies, not bots posting… You have to go back a bit: 

Neil Cataldi likes the stock:



FROM JULY: Two Real Humans that are watching it… Eric Barna and FZucchi:


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