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The Buzz on $HEMP is Smoking – Hemp Inc.

The Buzz on Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) is growing as we see it. The company has put out a ton of news releases just in the past month. See this (note that there are some promoter releases among this list, so this is not all them):

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I realize we made that too small to read, but it is the number that is important for the Buzz here. Of course others put out releases, and that’s the point. They add to the overall Buzz here. 

Let’s look at some of Today’s Buzz: 


First, some industry news…



Quality Stocks / aka / Michael’s Dream Team said this:



So did Action Picks: (I would bet they’re related!)



Then we see a lot of others with the same post:

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Doesn’t that just make you want to buy? Repetition makes the heart grow fonder!


Legal Buds uses it to push PMCB as a ticker tag:


Momz knows her day trading:


If William Penn Loved Hemp, so should you. The latest news from HEMP: 


Hemp, Inc. Industry Update: House Bill 967 Unanimously Approved by Pennsylvania House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee

LAS VEGAS, NV — (Marketwired) — 10/08/15 — Hemp, Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMP) is pleased to announce House Bill 967 (that would allow industrial hemp to be grown or cultivated through special programs in the state of Pennsylvania) has just been given the green light to advance to the state’s House floor. Introduced by Representative Russ Diamond, House Bill 967 was approved in minutes. As reported in the article below, “the vote in the House Agriculture committee this week took just 10 minutes.”

More and more states are beginning to realize the enormous environmental and economic benefits of industrial hemp. Abuzz with an imminent reality of growing, not importing, industrial hemp, more state officials are positioning their states to reap the economic rewards. According to Rep. Russ Diamond, the “bill will put Pennsylvania in position to reap the economic rewards that will come when further barriers are removed.” Chris Goldstein of reports…

Philly420: Hemp is Happening in Pennsylvania but Medical Marijuana Bill Stalled

Posted on October 7, 2015 by Chris Goldstein

William Penn is smiling. One of his favorite crops is on the way to a comeback in Pennsylvania.


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