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UPDATED: There is Suddenly a Real Buzz on $HCTI – Hybrid Coating Technologies Inc.

This is one stock that has almost never been mentioned on Twitter – except by ticker spammers.

Now suddenly $HCTI, the Twitter dollar has for Hybrid Coating Technologies Inc. (OTC: HCTI) is very active this morning.


**** UPDATE: 107PM ET ****

Interest is growing fast:

Another from the same… HotStockAlert:

South Texas is being a bit more conservative: 


We’re getting some emails here. We will be watching closely. And – NO – we don’t hold shares! Not yet, anyway!



Let’s take a look at what is being said.

South Texas plans to double his shares: 

StockGuru99 is following the dollar volume buys: 

Reserved Risk sees the bottom about to drop out:

Stock Ticks second post sees risk:

Stock Ticks first post looks for a dip:


There’s lot’s of interest on IHUB: 

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