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Lot’s of Chatter as $PPCH Moves Upward on Huge Volume – The Buzz

Have you noticed how hot PPCH is this morning. The stock, Propanc Health Group Corp. (OTCQB: PPCH), is well over it’s daily volume average with 5.4 million shares traded. The stock is up 15% as we publish and has been up more today.

Let’s look at the real buzz here!

Everyone is citing its 22% jump and it is up again!

JKCK8 is loving it!

Kent Gedwright is long on this and two others: 

Someone taking credit for move yesterday:

Michael Cannon notes the move over .05:

Vivek sees the attention: 

Another sharing the 22% jump previously:

TradingPennies sees a continuation putting it over .065 range: 

Sharpei sees this as a great weekly pick: 

. .

There is a lot of buzz on Ihug as well:

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