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Big Time Buzz on $TDEY – 3D Eye Solutions Inc. – Updated Thursday

UPDATED – Thursday, October 8th

We are seeing all kinds of attention paid to TDEY. Some of this is in relation to news (shown below) and much of it is from those that have an opinion on the stock already.

TDEY is even BUZZING at FINRA!  (I guess they are fans of TDEY?)


Plus… TDEY is the number one forum on Ihub today so far: 

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Today’s – Thursday – October 8, 2015 – Discussion:



Let’s see how the Twitterverse see’s TDEY, starting with this from June Wong. She sees a FIRE:

Derrek Brooks is also watching this one:

Leonard sees organically grown beauty. I guess he buys his stocks ONLY at Whole Foods?

Todd Corona has clear vision on TDEY. He thinks the news is worth a read:

Derrek Brooks earlier in the day points out the investigation is over and the debt is retired:

The Cardiac Kid is also happy to see the news:

Days ago… Early Alerts tells @Betarebel98 that some are going to be turned into MILLIONAIRES with TDEY? Really?



Here’s the Latest News:


Management announces investigation results

Oct 05, 2015

OTC Disclosure & News Service

Cheyenne, WY –

October 2, 2015 / 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc., a Wyoming Corporation, dba 3D Eye Solutions Inc. (OTC: TDEY)

Today the company announces the completion of its internal investigation relating to debt, notes and common shares distributed by previous management. We are pleased to announce the following as a result of this exhaustive investigation and resulting actions.
1. The Company will retire approximately one million dollars in debt held by note holders.
2. The Company will retire approximately one billion eight hundred million common shares securing various notes that have been retired.
3. The Company will immediately submit the necessary documents to retire the H Share with the Wyoming SOS.
4. The Company will create a restricted preferred L Series share. This share will have a redeemed value of 1-100 and be restricted for 90 days from issue. Further these shares have a 10% trickle clause restricting the sale of more than 10% a month or 10% of daily market volume. We have negotiated these Restricted Preferred L Series shares to replace all debt and notes from previous management. We will issue approximately Three Million L Shares to retire the debt and notes.
5. The Company has reached agreements of total and complete discharge, of any and all claims, from all previous officers, directors and note holders. Further The Company has been indemnified and held harmless for any and all undisclosed debt or notes.
6. The company will also file the above with OTC Markets as a Material Event/Shareholder Update in 8k format under Filings and Disclosure section.

      “The Company invested the time and resources needed to absolutely and with finality, get control of all debt and notes from previous management. This was a significant effort and the results exceeded my expectations. TDEY can move forward in a much cleaner and defined investor environment.”

 Kent Linduff, Chairman TDEY                            


For more information contact:

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