Novetta and Pivotal Partner to Transform How Enterprises Perform Customer and Fraud Analysis

MCLEAN, Va., Sept. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Novetta, a leader in advanced analytics technology, announced that it has joined the Pivotal Partner Program to enable Pivotal’s Big Data Suite customers to take advantage of Novetta Entity Analytics. Novetta Entity Analytics is designed to deliver complete visibility into data through multi-source data integration, entity resolution, and relationship resolution and analysis. Pivotal’s Big Data Suite provides a strong foundation for implementing an advanced, high performance and agile data analytics platform. Pivotal Big Data Suite includes enterprise-grade analytics database technology, SQL on Hadoop advanced analytics, and robust in-memory data processing, along with an Apache Hadoop distribution.

As a Pivotal Partner, Novetta expands its customer footprint to include integration with Pivotal Big Data Suite analytic database and Hadoop components. Novetta and Pivotal are working together to enable enterprise organizations and government agencies deploy data lakes that conform to security, policy and regulatory requirements, while streamlining data lake operational costs. In addition, Novetta and Pivotal customers can rapidly implement SQL-based analytic use cases, leverage a large ecosystem of transportable tools and applications, and minimize vendor lock-in.

“As the first native, large-scale Apache Hadoop entity resolution and relationship analysis application, Novetta Entity Analytics is a great match for Pivotal Big Data Suite, with its Pivotal HD Apache Hadoop distribution. Through our partnership, enterprises can truly exploit the potential of an open source-base data lake to easily construct robust 360 degree views of customers,” said Jim Cushman, President, Commercial and Products Division at Novetta.

Leveraging Pivotal Big Data Suite technology, Novetta Entity Analytics can provide unified views of data across multiple systems and sources, while preserving data integrity and without changing or manipulating source data. The joint solution is designed to build trust and enable multiple teams and processes to get value from the same data. Pivotal and Novetta can provide business analysts a central, multi-dimensional view of separate entities (e.g., people, locations, organizations, assets, products, events) across data silos. Joint solution users can pinpoint relationships within and among entities to support use cases such as customer intimacy, security threat, risk profiling, and fraud detection. Novetta Entity Analytics uses an adaptive process to unify all types of data, regardless of schema, and allows analysts to look at data in entirely new ways. Users no longer need to move or alter their data; they can now connect the dots between vast sets of enterprise-wide data with their data lake.
About Pivotal

Pivotal is a trusted partner for IT innovation and digital transformation, enabling enterprises to provide modern software-driven experiences for their customers and workforces. The combination of leading agile development services, an open cloud platform and open suite of big data products accelerate innovation cycles for our customers across every industry.

About Novetta

Headquartered in McLean, VA with nearly 750 employees across the US, Novetta has over two decades of experience solving problems of national significance through advanced analytics for government and commercial enterprises worldwide. Grounded in its work for national security clients, Novetta has pioneered disruptive technologies in four key areas of advanced analytics: data, cyber, open source/media and multi-int fusion. Novetta enables customers to find clarity from the complexity of ‘big data’ at the scale and speed needed to drive enterprise and mission success. Visit for more information.

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