TopSpin Security Announces Deception-Based Network Security Solution

HERZLIYA, Israel, Sept. 08, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TopSpin Security, Inc., a provider of advanced malware detection technology, today announced DECOYnet™, a deception-based continuous monitoring and detection solution aimed at thwarting hackers in real-time. Designed to engage attackers once they have bypassed perimeter-based security solutions, DECOYnet automatically deploys relevant decoys to engage and mislead the attacker, analyzes communication between the attacker and external command and control servers, and commands the attention of the attacker, giving IT time to understand and neutralize the threat.

A key challenge with current detection solutions is handling large numbers of security events effectively, many of which turn out to be false alerts. Because these require IT resources to analyze and determine whether the event represents a real or a false risk, attackers who have breached the network defenses are often able to exfiltrate data before any remediation takes place. DECOYnet offers IT administrators an approach that combines proactive detection and deception technologies to significantly increase the chance of stopping attackers before they can gain a strong foothold into a network and access sensitive information.

“There is no silver bullet to prevent all network attacks, and once an attacker gains access to the network it can be very difficult to extricate them,” said Doron Kolton, CEO of TopSpin Security. “DECOYnet detects and intercepts an attacker once he is on the network, complementing existing solutions, leading attackers through a series of realistic decoys. All the while, the analytics solution gathers information on the attacker’s behavior and provides actionable intelligence that allows IT to effectively remove the threat from the network without compromising any sensitive data.”

TopSpin DECOYnet sets the bar for ease of deployment, use and manageability with a series of key capabilities, including:

  • Decoy Systems
    • DECOYnet automatically set decoy systems in your networks that operate similar to your real assets, luring and confusing the attackers. With minimal efforts, you are able to lead the attackers in the wrong way and protect your valuable assets.
  • Egress Analysis
    • Using sophisticated algorithms, DECOYnet analyzes traffic on your network to detect the attacker’s communications with command-and-control servers, and the exfiltration of data.
  • Communication Channel Identification
    • DECOYnet performs continuous analysis of data traffic moving from your organization to the Internet, separates human channels from many types of automatic channels, and identifies the potential risks associated with each.
  • Detailed Forensic Information
    • DECOYnet provides you with a comprehensive set of forensic information on malware activities across your network, and provides detailed information about the attacker’s behavior.

“Advanced malware is making the enterprise network perimeter increasingly porous. As a result, organizations need to take non-traditional approaches to augment their existing cyber defensive measure to protect sensitive data assets,” said Frank Dickson, research director at Frost & Sullivan. “Deception security technologies are among the new breed of solutions designed to complement existing security infrastructure and provide IT departments with another defensive measure against malicious cyber attacks.”

About TopSpin Security
TopSpin Security provides a solution that protects your organization from loss of valuable data and prevents disruption of your operations. The emphasis is on accuracy and minimal overhead, as well as simplicity of deployment and usage. The company’s solution DECOYnetTM incorporates a set of unique security engines that discover infected assets in your organization before damage is done. These include active deception, automatic configuration to your network and automated structured analysis of your network traffic. Learn more at

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