Update SMME: Alerted on April 15th, SmartMetric is up 83.33%

Update SMME: Alerted on April 15th, SmartMetric is up 83.33%

SmartMetric Inc. (OTCQB: SMME) is up sharply today, and this follows a steady increase we have seen for the past two weeks since our first alert. 


Shares for SMME are up a total of 83.33% since our coverage has started. Volume has substantially increased. 


Trade Alert: SmartMetric SMME – NFC and Fingerprint Security for Credit and Debit Cards





Apr 27, 2015:

SmartMetric Announces That Following Recent Funding It Is Now Able to Move Forward With the First Mass Production of Its Biometric EMV / Chip Cards 

Apr 21, 2015

SmartMetric Says the Reported 40% Increase in the Cost for Retailers of Payment Card Fraud Resulting in $32 Billion Losses in 2014 Up From $23 Billion in 2013 Is Staggering and Due to the Intrinsic Insecurity of Payment Cards 

Apr 17, 2015

SmartMetric Says Even in the Light of the Most Optimistic Predictions for Mobile Based Transactions Plastic Card Transactions Will Still Be 90% Greater Than Mobile – Dollar Value of USA Card Transactions for 2012 Was $2.4 Trillion While Projected Dollar V 

Apr 16, 2015

SmartMetric the Developer of the Fingerprint Activated Chip Credit and Debit Cards Is Now Using Its Advanced Miniaturised Electronics Technology to Create a Revolutionary Identity Card With a Person’s Photo Appearing on the Card Only After a Biometric Fin

Apr 15, 2015

SmartMetric Brings Fingerprint Activated Near Field Communication (NFC) to the Credit and Debit Card 

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