25 Tech Stocks to Own Before You’re 50

25 Tech Stocks to Own Before You’re 50

j2 Global is up 1.266% in midday trading. The most recent market cap is 1.965B – which is based on yesterday’s close.

Company: j2 Global
Symbol: JCOM
Latest Trade: 42.79 (when published)
Percent Increase: 1.266%

Stop buying stocks that pin all of their future hopes “in the cloud” and buy a stock that DOMINATES “the cloud” already. Or at least look at this one.

Do they really dominate?  Have you heard of these: eFax, MyFax, eVoice, Onebox, FuseMail, Campaigner, CampaignerCRM, KeepItSafe, LandslideCRM, and Onebox?  That’s them. They DOMINATE. 

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