Where to Find Penny Stocks

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One of the questions I get asked most is where do I find penny stocks? First you must know as what are penny stocks?  Let’s start with what they are, and then discuss where you can get penny stock lists and information.

What is a penny stock?

That is a defined arbitrarily by Wall Street as any stock under five dollars.  That is not necessarily right, as many stocks fell after the crash a few years back to well below five dollars and one cannot say that they suddenly became penny stocks. The real reason Wall Street picks out such a price is that things change in margin conditions and in a public company’s ability to get financing based on their shares when they fall below five dollars.  I generally think of a penny stock as any stock on the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board or OTC Markets.


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How do you find penny stocks?

We offer picks from time to time, so the first step I recommend is to join our email database. DO SO HERE, if you like.

We also publish our StockGuru Spotlights every week.  You can get those by going to THIS LINK or adding this RSS feed to your RSS reader:

There are other sources for penny stocks. I recommend that you always CONSIDER THE SOURCE. Just like in life, you have to know who is giving you the information and what their motive is for giving it to you.


Good luck. Make great investments, and do so with caution and due diligence.


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