StockGuru Buzz: Featuring Godfather Media (GFMD)

Godfather Media is the StockGuru Buzz.  GFMD is in the Top Ten Most Talked About Stocks on Ihub, and we are seeing it ranking high on our searches as well.

Recent News and Headlines for Godfather Media:

  • Godfather Media Announces the Launch of a Professional Minor Baseball League
  • Godfather Media Announces the Appointment of ERA President
  • Godfather Media Announces the Launch of a New Business Segment

A Look at Volume:

Recent Volume Stats are VERY HIGH:

  • 5/9/2012                              0.0031                                   55,201,530
  • 5/8/2012                              0.0029                                   5,659,347
  • 5/7/2012                              0.002                                     844,923
  • 5/4/2012                              0.0016                                   5,738,710
  • 5/3/2012                              0.002                                     4,858,750
  • 5/2/2012                              0.0018                                   580,895
  • 5/1/2012                              0.0014                                   3,117,985

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About the Company:

Godfather Media Inc. is an American holding company headquartered in Mission Viejo, California, United States, that will take ownership with minor or 100% interest in a number of subsidiary companies.

Godfather Media’s portfolio will be comprised primarily of long-term investments in small to medium market companies using cash, preferred/common stock and other equity interests. Our targeted investment will typically range between $500 thousand and $5 million, although this investment size may vary proportionately as the size of our capital base changes.

The Company’s principal focus is to invest in growth opportunities in sports, entertainment, and mobile and social media industries. Godfather Media generally seeks to target companies that generate free cash flow, have experienced management teams and possess strong competitive positions within their respective industries.

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