We Called UBRG Right on Monday Morning – Quote – Although there many shares, $71 million plus would mean the stock is undervalued

Everyone is taking responsibility here for UBRG.

The real deal here is that we saw it moving.

Knowing a lot about UBRG already,  having already read the most recent news at the time, and understanding the share structure of the company, we made the decision to issue an alert. That alert came just after 11am on Monday.


Let’s quote that alert exactly:

Although there many shares, $71 million plus would mean the stock is undervalued.  We hold no position and are not compensated in any way by this company.”  (end quote – read it all below or at this link)

Now – this normally would be OVER THE TOP when a stock is already up 148% on the day.  We were right, and we are right. There is no way a company doing this kind of revenue should be trading at or near sub-penny. That has clearly changed. This stock crossed six cents yesterday for a time. Today it has been up as much as $0.059.  As we prep this alert it is at $0.0352.

What do I see now:

I still see an upside here. If the company continues to have this success, and this success is backed up by its SEC filings and its future press releases, there is no reason this company cannot be worth five times the present market trading price.  You never hear me issue suggestions as to a target, so what you are reading is rare on our site.  I still hold no shares, but that does not preclude me from buying at some point.

UBRG moved up about 155% additionally after our alert Monday morning. 


Monday’s Alerts on UBRG:


UPDATE #3: 1:29 PM ET: Now Up 233%

UPDATE: 12:55 PM ET: Now Up 200% – Triple Friday’s Close!

UBRG is Surging 

Up 148% on Volume in the Millions

Volume is already NINE TIMES the Ten Day Average and EIGHTEEN TIMES the 90 Day Average


Depending on how this affects the bottom line in profitability, this is a very material news item on this FULLY REPORTING COMPANY. Note the company says, “The $71.74 million in revenues are preliminary and unaudited.”  Being fully reporting, one can usually trust a company to stick with such a figure. We will get that number before long, but this is great to see.

Although there many shares, $71 million plus would mean the stock is undervalued.  We hold no position and are not compensated in any way by this company.

 More from that news release:

“Universal Bioenergy Inc., (OTCMarkets:UBRG.PK – News), a publicly traded independent diversified energy company, announced that 7,130,020 shares of its stock traded on Friday February 24, 2012 after it reported that it set a new record of over $71.74 million in sales for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2011. The Company’s annual sales continue to grow at double-digit rates. The $71.74 million in 2011 sales was a 73.75% increase over the $41.29 million in reported sales for 2010.

“Encouraged by the news of the 2011 record sales, investors quickly purchased the stock at a rate of nearly 3.5 million shares per hour, or over 58,000 shares per minute in the last two hours of the trading day. This was the highest volume trading day for 2012 thus far. A total of 7,130,020 shares were traded on Friday, which was about 9.68 times the average daily trading volume of 736,646 of Universal’s shares.

“Solomon Ali, Universal’s Senior Vice President says, “That was a very strong trading day for the Company, and it certain demonstrates strong investor interest in the Company. We are trying to build a greater sense of confidence in the Company and its future growth by our shareholders and investors. The year 2011 was the best year in our history so far, and we project an even stronger future in terms of revenues and potential profits this year. We hope this interest will have a positive impact on our stock price and the value of the Company. We are continually pursuing various means to bring increased value to our shareholders.”

“The $71.74 million in revenues are preliminary and unaudited. The Company anticipates the formal audit of their financial records will be completed soon, and the full details of its financial results will be reported in its Form 10K Annual Report, to be filed with the SEC.”


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