QUMI: Quamtel’s Group of Companies

Quamtel, Inc.  (OTCBB: QUMI)


Here are some of Quamtel’s Group of Companies.  Note: We will do DataJack, Inc. all by itself, so that is why the omission here.


WQN, Inc.


WQN, Inc. (TM)


WQN, Inc is one of the first companies to make purchasing high quality, low cost international calling services available to customers via the Internet. WQN has served over one million customers via the Web marketing brands such as EasyTalk, MyWQN, RocketVoIP, My800Online, 1800TalkTime, 800.com, ValucomOnline, and SuperTel.


With advanced technology from EasyTalk, calling anywhere in the world from the US or Canada saves you money. EasyTalk works from any phone including cell phones. With EasyTalk there is NO- PIN, NO CONNECTION FEE and NO MAINTENANCE FEE, you only pay for what you use.


MyWQN is one of the first companies to make purchasing high quality, low cost international calling services available to customers via the Internet. MyWQN offers its customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee which it backs up with a state of the art network powered by companies such as Cisco Systems and Dell. MyWQN is well known for providing outstanding customer service.


RocketVoIP is a broadband VoIP phone service provider which offers unlimited international calling plans that allow you to make unlimited local calls, unlimited long distance calls, and unlimited international calls to over 100 countries. RocketVoIP lets you use your broadband to call the world.


My800Online is an accredited Better Business Bureau business and Better Business Bureau online reliability company. My800Online meets your calling needs.


1-800-TalkTime provides services that allow consumers and businesses to communicate at significantly reduced costs. 1800TalkTime is a certified Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) and InterExchange Carrier (IXC).   Its customers include IXCs, CLECs, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), cable operators and VoIP service providers.  1800TalkTime owns the network and the technology which gives us the ability to provide complete product and service solutions.


800.com offers individuals and businesses a unique phone number service with the convenience of routing calls to any phone anywhere in the world. 800.com is committed to providing customers with quality solutions and superior customer service.


ValuCom, a pre-eminent market leader in the international long distance category, focuses on Internet-based marketing of international telecom services to South Asians in the United States. The company’s initial foray in international calling services came in the form of pre-paid calling cards that provided high quality, and reliable service via virtual PIN numbers.  ValuCom stands at the convergence of two of the most powerful trends in the world today – rapid advances in communications technology and the growing strength and influence of ethnic consumers in the United States.


OPM Pros

Quamtel, Inc. has announced on January 24, 2012 that it has engaged the services of OPM Pros, one of the world’s premier and accredited affiliate marketing firms, to enhance the internal marketing team by providing added exposure for the DataJack brand through its attendance at major ecommerce and affiliate conferences as well as drive an increase in sales through its strategic partnerships with advertisers and affiliates.



Last  January 20, 2012, Quamtel, Inc. (OTCBB:QUMI) signed a twelve month agreement with In-flight Publications Group, Inc. for full page advertising placement in Southwest Airlines’ Spirit in-flight magazine and USAir’s in-flight magazine, reaching 180 million travelers annually.


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Contact Quamtel:


14911 Quorum Drive

Suite 140

Dallas, TX 75254

Phone: 1-800-731-QUMI (7864)

Quamtel, Inc. – http://www.quamtel.com


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