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Payment Data Systems (OTCBB: PYDS)

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This was an outstanding week at Besides near record hits on our site, we had great interest in our most recent new Profile Stock, OSL Holdings, Inc. (OSLH). Volume went from a few thousand shares on average daily to hundreds of thousands. Make no mistake: Just because you see us introduce one of our favorite stocks to you today, we are far from through with OSLH! That is a great company we will be talking about for many months to come. That company – as I see it – has a huge future. More on them next week when we do an interview with management.

Let’s talk about Payment Data Systems (OTCBB: PYDS):

I have know Michael Long for years. Although we never officially “covered” the company as a client, they have always been one of my favorites.

Like the company name says, they are in payment data. At PYDS, they are on the cutting edge of the payment business. From mobile devices, online payments, telephone payments and swiped at the register card-present transactions, they are in it – and they are very good at it.

This weekend I will be fully introducing you to Payment Data Systems.

Feel free to email any questions you have.

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Payment Data Systems (OTCBB: PYDS)

A Look at the History of Payment Data Systems:

Payment Data Systems was formed in 2003 as a payment processor with a focus to deliver payment services to large merchants that have recurring billing.  Today, Payment Data Systems processes payments and delivers bill payments for some of the largest companies in the United States.  Payment Data Systems is a network independent level one payment processor holding the highest level of certifications from the card associations.

Payment Data processes payments has over 1,000 corporate clients including many churches, insurance, utilities, charities, apartment complexes, senior living facilities and eCommerce companies.

Payment Data securely processes multi-million dollars of payment transactions each month.  Payment Data has proprietary technology and systems that gives the company a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

 Payment Data considers itself to be a company that can provide a seamless and comprehensive set of products and services for virtually any payment opportunity with multiple entry points for services.

PYDS: A Leader in Mobile Payments

Payment Data System expects to become a leader in mobile payments through its development of the iRemotepay application for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad. 


Michael Long, CEO, said, “The fourth quarter was a tremendous quarter for us. Our ACH processing volumes more than doubled the dramatic growth we experienced in the third quarter and December’s credit card processing was the best month in the history of the company. This growth has led to a dramatic, positive increase in revenues, gross profit, operating income and net income both for the fourth quarter and the year. We look forward to reporting record earnings for 2011.” 


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Payment Data Systems (OTCBB: PYDS)




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