StockGuru Shines its Spotlight on Romios Gold Resources Inc. (TSX-V: RG)(OTCBB: RMIOF) As It Continues to Encoutner Significant Mineralization at Its Trek Property — December 15, 2011

StockGuru Shines its Spotlight on Romios Gold Resources Inc. (TSX-V: RG)(OTCBB: RMIOF) As It Continues to Encoutner Significant Mineralization at Its Trek Property — December 15, 2011

Dallas, Texas (December 15, 2011) – StockGuru Shines its Spotlight on Romios Gold Resources Inc. (TSX-V: RG)(OTCBB: RMIOF)(FRANKFURT: D4R)  Yesterday the Company announced the remaining assay results from the 2011 drill program on the Trek Property in northwestern British Columbia. Romios continues to encounter significant copper-gold-silver mineralization at its Trek property.  The Company closed on December 14, 2011, at $0.1958, trading in a fifty-two week range of $0.7183 – 0.15.

Fifteen (15) holes totalling 7906.48 metres (25,939.58 feet) in length were drilled on the Trek property during the 2011 exploration season. Sulphide mineralization was intersected in all of the holes providing a greater understanding and definition of the zone of copper-gold-silver mineralization in the upper portion of the North Zone and the identification of a new area of mineralization referred to as the ‘Lower Breccia Zone’, discovered underlying the known main body of mineralization at the North Zone. Combined, these areas form a mineralized structure measuring approximately 700 metres long, 400 metres wide, and up to 800 metres deep, that remains open in several directions and adds credibility to the belief of the existence of a major mineralized porphyry system on the Trek Property by the management of Romios.

On September 26, 2011 the Company announced assay results from the initial portion of the 2011 drill program on the Trek Property. The following is the balance of the results from this program which was highlighted by the mineralization encountered in holes TRK11-35 and TRK11-34. Hole TRK11-35 intersected a 2.15 metre (7.05 feet) zone that assayed 7.87% Cu, 2.17 g/t Au and 40.39 g/t Ag. This zone occurred within a larger intersection of 17.70 metres (58.06 feet) that averaged 1.06 % Cu, 0.34 g/t Au and 5.51 g/t Ag which in turn occurred within an even larger mineralized zone, which averaged 0.52% Cu, 0.19 g/t Au and 2.65 g/t Ag over a width of 41.84 metres (137.24 feet). A deeper, 60.52 metre (198.51 feet) wide mineralized section from 527.56 to 588.08 feet assayed ) 0.09% Cu, 0.13 g/t Au and 1.95 g/t Au.

Hole TRK11-34 intersected a 3.60 metre (11.81 feet) interval which assayed 2.15% Cu, 0.07 g/t Au and 14.13 g/t Ag. This zone occurred within a larger intersection of a 118.90 metre (389.99 feet) wide mineralized zone (from 130.1 to 249.0 metres in the hole) which averaged 0.15% Cu, 0.07 g/t Au and 1.05 g/t Ag. Deeper down the hole, the Lower Breccia Zone, similar to that encountered in hole TRK11-32, was intersected and exhibited prolific chalcopyrite mineralization throughout. A 47.46 metre (155.67 feet) interval from 680.91 to 728.37 metres in TRK11-34, averaged 0.17 % Cu, 0.02 g/t Au and 2.74 g/t Ag. A deeper, 15.09 metre (49.50 feet) interval assayed 0.17% Cu, 0.15 g/t Au and 2.47 g/t Ag.

Hole TRK11-24 encountered pervasive chalcopyrite mineralization throughout the hole in the upper North Zone. The most notable intersections were from 132.50 to 170.0 metres in the hole (37.5 metres or 123.0 feet) which averaged 0.14% Cu, 0.06 g/t Au and 0.50 g/t Ag and from 326.50 to 399.80 metres in the hole (73.30 metres or 240.42 feet) which averaged 0.15% Cu, 0.09 g/t Au and 1.96 g/t Ag. Lower down, the hole intersected 18.80 metres (61.66 feet) of a mineralized section of the Lower Breccia Zone, from 729.70 to 748.50 metres in the hole, which assayed 0.57% Cu, 0.01 g/t Au and 7.90 g/t Ag. This included a 6.37 metre (20.89 feet) interval of higher grade mineralization which averaged 0.99% Cu, 0.02 g/t Au and 12.57 g/t Ag.

Similar to hole TRK11-24, hole TRK11-33 encountered pervasive chalcopyrite mineralization throughout most of the hole. A wide interval of sulphide mineralization from 265.47 to 498.46 metres (232.99 metres or 764.40 feet) averaged 0.05% Cu, 0.10 g/t Au and 0.80 g/t Ag. Within this interval, a 15.9 metre (52.17 feet) section assayed 0.20% Cu, 0.23 g/t Au and 1.73 g/t Ag. The main mineralized portion of the Lower Breccia Zone was intersected in the hole from 667.51 to 678.11 metres (10.60 metres or 34.77 feet) and assayed 0.10% Cu, 0.71 g/t Au and 9.15 g/t Ag.

On September 26, 2011 it was announced that drill hole TRK11-27 intersected a 125.02 metre (410.17 feet) zone of sulphide mineralization which assayed 0.14% Cu, 0.23 g/t Au and 1.75 g/t Ag. Drill core assays from the lower part of the hole identified a 47.64 metre (156.30 feet) mineralized zone from 379.66 to 427.30 metres in the hole which assayed 0.15% Cu, 0.11 g/t Au and 1.22 g/t Ag.

Composite and weighted assay results for all of the 2011 drill core from the upper portion of the North Zone and the new Lower Breccia Zone are shown below in Table 1 and Table 2. The mineralization within the main zone remains open to the northeast, southeast and at depth. Mineralization within the Lower Breccia Zone lies within a tabular breccia body that dips to the northeast and remains open in all directions except southeast, where it sits adjacent to a large porphyry body. A total of seven drill holes through the Lower Breccia Zone indicates that the metal content is highly concentrated and zoned, indicated by the western most gold-dominant intercept in hole TRK11-33 and the copper-dominant lower breccia intercept in TRK11-32. Other drill holes through the Lower Breccia Zone encountered weakly mineralized breccia (TRK11-35) or a porphyry intrusion (TRK11-28 and TRK11-31).

Table 1. Composite and weighted assay summaries for drill holes from the main, upper portion of Trek’s North Zone. All intercepts represent apparent thickness. Cu- Copper, Au- Gold, Ag- Silver, *- intercept previously reported.

HoleID Intercept From
TRK11-24 UZ Section 132.50 170.00 37.50 123.00 0.14 0.06 0.50 *
Section 326.50 399.80 73.30 240.42 0.15 0.09 1.95 *
Including 330.00 351.00 21.00 68.88 0.25 0.20 1.09 *
Within 326.50 379.00 52.50 172.20 0.17 0.11 2.12 *
TRK11-27 UZ Section 91.60 216.62 125.02 410.17 0.14 0.23 1.75 *
Including 92.90 93.55 0.65 2.13 3.83 1.12 24.60 *
UZ Section 379.66 427.30 47.64 156.30 0.15 0.11 1.22 *
Including 379.66 408.00 26.50 86.94 0.21 0.10 1.53 *
TRK11-28 UZ Section 62.00 258.77 196.77 645.56 0.08 0.07 0.78 *
UZ Section 185.00 192.60 7.60 24.97 0.31 0.28 1.77 *
TRK11-31 UZ Section 63.40 103.60 40.20 131.89 0.19 0.05 0.72
UZ Section 222.78 268.17 45.39 148.92 0.20 0.07 2.06
UZ Section 376.80 391.65 14.85 48.72 0.12 0.09 1.62 *
TRK11-32 UZ Section 44.85 45.10 0.25 0.82 3.85 4.12 12.10 *
UZ Section 357.98 424.06 66.08 216.80 0.15 0.09 1.86 *
Including 357.98 396.85 38.87 127.53 0.22 0.11 2.83 *
TRK11-33 UZ Section 265.47 498.46 232.99 764.40 0.05 0.10 0.80
Including 463.30 479.20 15.90 52.17 0.20 0.23 1.73
TRK11-34 UZ Section 127.60 576.83 449.23 1473.47 0.10 0.06 1.18
Including 130.10 133.70 3.60 11.81 2.15 0.07 14.13
Within 130.10 249.00 118.90 389.99 0.15 0.07 1.05
UZ Section 548.90 576.83 27.93 91.61 0.15 0.19 2.55
Including 561.58 565.30 3.72 12.20 0.48 0.63 9.07
TRK11-35 UZ Section 268.51 404.87 136.36 447.26 0.20 0.08 0.99
Including 303.88 306.03 2.15 7.05 7.87 2.17 40.39
Within 292.88 310.68 17.70 58.06 1.06 0.34 5.51
and Within 292.98 334.82 41.84 137.24 0.52 0.19 2.65
UZ Section 527.56 588.08 60.52 198.51 0.09 0.13 1.95
Including 556.13 560.23 4.10 13.45 1.12 1.81 15.34

Table 2. Weighted assay summaries for drill holes through the Lower Breccia Zone portion of the North Zone (“LZ”). Cu- Copper, Au- Gold, Ag- Silver, *- intercept previously reported.

HoleID Intercept From
TRK11-24 LZ Breccia 725.17 828.60 103.43 339.25 0.17 0.03 2.06
Within 729.70 748.50 18.80 61.66 0.57 0.01 7.90
Including 729.70 736.07 6.37 20.89 0.99 0.02 12.57
TRK11-28 LZ Porphyry 662.56 724.51 61.95 203.54 0.02 0.02 3.58 *
TRK11-31 LZ Porphyry 624.00 633.28 9.28 30.45 0.17 0.20 1.03
TRK11-32 LZ Breccia 727.16 749.30 22.14 72.64 1.25 0.05 22.43 *
Including 733.22 739.47 6.25 20.51 2.01 0.06 39.46 *
TRK11-33 LZ Breccia 651.87 679.47 27.60 90.53 0.08 0.31 4.08
Within 667.51 678.11 10.60 34.77 0.10 0.71 9.15
Including 671.60 678.11 6.51 21.35 0.11 0.98 10.49
TRK11-34 LZ Breccia (1) 680.91 728.37 47.46 155.67 0.17 0.02 2.74
Including 682.31 696.25 13.94 45.72 0.27 0.04 4.04
LZ Breccia (2) 794.84 809.93 15.09 49.50 0.17 0.15 2.47

The management of Romios believes that the results from the Titan 24 geophysical survey that was carried out in 2010, suggests the newly discovered Lower Breccia Zone may be duplicated with additional drilling or may be connected at some point to the main body of mineralization at the upper part of the North Zone. Several of the holes during the 2011 summer drill program encountered a major thrust fault at depth (the North Zone Footwall Fault) that appears to form a lower boundary to the known mineralization, suggesting that a significant volume of rock remains untested both below and beyond the boundaries of previous years’ drilling, along strike of the main and lower mineralized areas.

As previously reported, two holes (TZ11-01 and TZ11-02) that were drilled in 2011 but not shown in the table above, are exploration holes that were drilled in the Tangle Zone area which intersected mineralization near large geophysical anomalies immediately underlying anomalous surface mineralization. Drill holes TRK11-25, TRK11-26, TRK11-29, TRK11-29b and TRK11-30, are short holes that were abandoned before reaching their target depths because of intensely fractured ground, a normal condition in the area.

The technical information contained in this press release has been reviewed by Mr. Thomas Skimming, P.Eng., Vice-President, Exploration and a Director of Romios Gold Resources Inc. and a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101.

A map showing the location of all drill holes on the Trek property, a full listing of all individual assays received and hole metal summaries from 2008-present, detailed 2011 drill hole descriptions, and additional information can be found on our website at

About Romios Gold Resources Inc.

Romios Gold Resources Inc., a progressive Canadian mineral exploration company established in 1995, is headquartered in Toronto and is actively engaged in precious and base metal exploration across North America with a primary focus on gold, silver and copper. Romios has significant property interests in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Nevada. The Company is undertaking extensive exploration work on its Galore Creek area properties in British Columbia, which are centrally located between Galore Creek Mining Corporation’s large copper-gold-silver deposit and Barrick’s high grade gold mine at Eskay Creek.

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